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organic india tulsi tea

I’ve tried so many teas that I’ve lost track of them all. Most are good, but very few stand out. (And most of the ones that stand out do so purely based on the flavor.)

The brand new Organic India Tulsi Moringa Tea I started drinking earlier this month is one of the select few!

Why? Well, it’s not because the tea claims to be soothing and relaxing, stress relieving, and uplifting. It’s because the tea truly is relaxing and stress relieving!!

I was very impressed!

Here’s what happened…

It started out like any other Monday morning, where I had two cups of coffee to start the day and get back in the groove of the work week. And, as usual, I went from tired… to energized… to jittery and scatterbrained.

Normally at that point I have to eat a meal, go for a run, and/or stress out for a bit before I can relax into a “still energized but not jittery” state. But this was not a regular Monday.

I decided to have a glass of this tea. Lo and behold, the stress and caffeine jitters subsided, yet the energized and focused feeling remained!

It reminds me of the popular caffeine + theanine stack with its synergistic effects!

Basically, if you combine this tea with caffeine, you can get an awesome boost in energy and focus, without the jitters. It’s also amazing for reducing anxiety, in my experience.

There were certainly days I was so stressed out that this tea wasn’t enough to totally calm me down. But I still think it helped a little, even if that was just a placebo effect.

There were also days I was stressing out in the evening, chomping on chocolate covered espresso beans to keep me awake, and then sipping on this tea in an attempt to get to sleep when I finished working.

Somehow, it helped!

Even more surprising was how well I slept through the night! It’s one thing to get to sleep after a stressful evening, it’s another to actually sleep well and wake up feeling pretty good.

But I did just that! And I had fun dreams during the night!

Here I am testing out fancy nootropics this year, not finding anything that great, and along comes this simple box of tea that blows everything else away!

How does it do it? I’m not sure.

But here’s what I know:

This tea is caffeine-free, which is probably one reason it’s more relaxing than standard black or green tea.

The important ingredient, Tulsi (commonly referred to as Holy basil,) is an adaptogen. That means it helps to combat stress.

In other words, adaptogens are awesome! If you get stressed easily or suffer any sort of anxiety issues, adaptogens can be a lifesaver!

On top of that, Tulsi can boost the body’s natural immune system.

I don’t know a lot about Tulsi, but this tea contains a blend of three different types of Tulsi leaves. I’m inclined to believe that is better than only getting one type.

The other key ingredient is Moringa leaf, which is totally new to me. But it sounds incredible!

It contains an assortment of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, and it’s extremely high in EGCG, the potent antioxidant that makes green tea so awesome.

After seeing how well this tea works, I’m considering buying the straight up Moringa leaf powder so I can mix it into my diet whenever I want.

The tea tastes great, though! I could certainly see myself drinking it every day. (Normally I’m not a huge fan of herbal teas unless they are blueberry flavored!)

It’s sort of like that Yogi cold season tea, but better. The Yogi tea is too weird to drink often. This one is like a regular tea flavor for the most part, but with a shot of the other flavors at the end.

I think I will look into other Organic India products since this one was so neat. It seems like a cool company.

I mean, this tea is USDA certified organic, Non GMO verified, and Kosher & Halal certified, so they seem to care about their product quality.

The retail on this is $5.99 for a box of 18 packets, but the current price on their site is $4.79 (about 27 cents per bag.) That’s not cheap, but by no means is it expensive.

They also sell Ghee, which I’ve been meaning to try. Apparently that has been used in tea in India for many years. And here people thought Bulletproof Coffee was new and innovative!

My final verdict is…

If you ever suffer from anxiety or just need help relaxing at night, this tea is outstanding! And it’s inexpensive, so it’s worth a shot.

Plus it tastes good so you can’t lose, really!

Official website: www.OrganicIndia.com

Buy online: www.Amazon.com

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