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Why Meal Plans Don’t Work (Hint: They’re Missing a Key Ingredient)

You won’t find any free meal plans to download on Here’s why. Table of Contents“Eat Healthy and Exercise”Has a Meal Plan Ever Worked For You Before?Meal Plans Just Add More WordsNot a Robot? Then It’s Not That Simple.Meal Plans Are Missing Key IngredientsMeal plans are missing

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How to Fix Your Rounded Shoulders – And Eliminate That ‘Hunched Over’ Look! – With These Exercises

If you look hunched over, whether you’re on your bike or [attempting to] sit up straight, then you probably have rounded shoulders. This is bad posture and is likely to lead to shoulder injuries, back aches, and other issues if you don’t do something about it. So

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How to Build Muscles & Get Strong: A Guide to Strength Training for Cyclists

Let’s discuss strength training (including weight training) for cyclists. Table of ContentsAsk Levi: How Can A Wimpy Cyclist Get Strong?How do I start strength training?Bodyweight TrainingConvict Conditioning, perhaps.Lose Some Fat and Really Show Off Those Abs!Ask Levi: How Can I Build Up My Leg Muscles?Cycling and Weight

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