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Tested: Two Wheel Gear Garment Pannier Classic 2.0

As if the physical challenge of bike commuting isn’t enough (using your bike to carry both you and your belongings to work), there is the matter of logistics (what’s the best route? what is today’s weather forecast?). On top of that, what if you have to wear

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Tested: Nite Ize INOVA STS Bike Light

When looking at the lower-priced headlights, a lot of them look the same. They have similar mounts, similar sizes, and similar light outputs. But not this one. Not the Nite Ize INOVA STS Bike Light. Just about everything that could be different, is different! It still offers

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Tested: CycleAware ViewPoint Mirror

The CycleAware ViewPoint Mirror is a very small mirror that sticks to the inside of your sunglasses, allowing you to see behind you without turning around. Here is my review…

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5 Simple Ways To Ride Safely In City Traffic (That Might Save Your Life)

As a cyclist, you will eventually find yourself riding downtown in traffic. I try to avoid these areas, but when you’re putting in some serious miles, it’s hard to avoid all the time. Here’s what to do…

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How To Get a Green Light – When Riding Your Bike!

Ever been out on a road ride, on nice back roads, only to find yourself at a red light trying to cross a busy highway? Or maybe you ride or commute early in the morning and you’re stuck at red lights by yourself? Well, here’s how to get the green!

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