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Tested: Ohuhu Gel Padded Cycling Underwear

It might be hard to believe, but not every person riding a bike wants to show off every inch of their body in tight spandex. Quite a few people prefer modest clothing that’s also acceptable off the bike. The problem is, spandex cycling shorts also provide a

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How To Get Dressed For a Bike Ride

Every time I take up a new sport, I end up asking myself, “now how do I get dressed for this?” Some sports are simple. Like swimming. Some sports are more complicated. Ice hockey, for example. Cycling isn’t too complex, but there’s a lot of gear, and

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How to Order a Custom Cycling Jersey

Are you planning to order custom jerseys for your club or racing team this year? This guide for first-time designers and buyers will explain the process step-by-step and give you the tips and tricks you must know to be successful! I’m going to cover everything you need

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Ask Levi: What Are the Differences Between Running and Cycling Tops?

Today’s question is about getting a cycling-specific top (jersey) or just wearing a running top…

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How to Get a Complete, Comfortable Cycling Outfit for Under $300

As if getting a $1000 bike isn’t bad enough, you then have to buy clothing and accessories! A cool jersey to keep you comfortable? Just $35. Special shoes just for riding? Those are usually $150 or more. A helmet to keep you safe? Another $100, if you don’t mind! It’s never going to be cheap, but there is one simple rule that lets you make the most of your money…

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