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Tested: Uvex Hawk Cycling Helmet

While Giro and Bell have a good hold on the bike helmet market, other brands like Uvex are staking their claim. Here is a review of the Uvex Hawk mountain bike helmet, a budget helmet with expensive features…

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How to Get a Complete, Comfortable Cycling Outfit for Under $300

As if getting a $1000 bike isn’t bad enough, you then have to buy clothing and accessories! A cool jersey to keep you comfortable? Just $35. Special shoes just for riding? Those are usually $150 or more. A helmet to keep you safe? Another $100, if you don’t mind! It’s never going to be cheap, but there is one simple rule that lets you make the most of your money…

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Tested: Giro Eclipse Bicycle Helmet

After five or six long years with my Giro Boreas, I figured it was time for a new lid. The helmet seemed OK structurally, but pads and straps just don’t last that long! So I found a good deal on the Giro Eclipse and ordered one, looking forward to the fresh straps and pads…

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Having an Emergency Info Sticker Inside Your Bike Helmet Is Useless!

I was setting up a new helmet earlier today, and after getting the pads in place, I just had to laugh at the included “my emergency information” sticker. Unlike gift giving season, “it’s the thought that counts” doesn’t apply to saving one’s life after a nasty bike wreck.

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Want To Look Hotter? Wear a Helmet!

Surprisingly, there are still people out there, including adults, that don’t wear bike helmets. They either don’t know how unsafe it is to ride without one or they don’t know how sexy it is to ride with one. I for one am going to look hot now

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