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ohuhu padded cycling underwear

It might be hard to believe, but not every person riding a bike wants to show off every inch of their body in tight spandex. Quite a few people prefer modest clothing that’s also acceptable off the bike.

The problem is, spandex cycling shorts also provide a very important, functional clothing item – the chamois pad!

Well, with the Ohuhu Gel Padded Cycling Underwear, you can pad your bottom while wearing casual clothes. Just replace your current underwear with these and your bike rides should get noticeably more comfortable.

At $14.99 they are about double the price of regular underwear, but half the price of basic cycling shorts.

Let’s see if they’re worth it…


For a product like this that’s close to your body, you have to get the right size. Interestingly, these are unisex underwear, so the sizing chart simply goes by waist size.

I got size Medium (for waist size 31-33″) since it was the smallest size they offered! It seems to fit me very well, even though my waist is only like 30″ right now. And I think there’s enough stretch that they will still fit me in the winter months when my waist is closer to 32″.

ohuhu padded cycling underwear padding

The most important aspect of the fit, though, is getting the padding to line up with your sit bones. Since your sit bones are bearing your weight on the saddle, that’s where the padding needs to be to do its job. If the underwear fit, but the pad doesn’t line up, they don’t actually fit!

That pad is pretty darn big, and I think there’s something underneath my sit bones!

Comfort and Fit

They’re about the size of typical boxer briefs, and they’re made from a thin and light mesh material that feels nice against your skin. The chamois pad is gigantic – at least as big as I get in my bib shorts, but much thicker and taller.

When I first slipped these one, I was surprised. They’re surprisingly comfortable for as bulky as they look. They really do fit just like boxer briefs, despite that gigantic diaper-like pad.

The overall fit is perfect – tight on my waist and legs without cutting into me.

On The Bike

Once you get on your bike though, they are far less comfortable. In certain positions they were comfortable, but they kept shifting around, and it was annoying the entire ride. I no longer think they fit my body!

ohuhu padded cycling underwear pad thickness

And while the padding is tall, it squishes down very easily, so it doesn’t provide as much cushion as you’d think, based on the pictures.

The most annoying feeling happens when I’m on my mountain bike. There is so much excess padding that it gets pushed up into my butt crack. It’s miserable! Not like a wedgie. Literally, “why is there a big chunk of foam resting up in my butt crack?”

Walking around in them is terrible too! The pad sticks out in all different directions; it doesn’t conform to your body at all.

Sure, they’re made for cycling, but what if you’re doing a casual ride with pit stops that require walking around the city? You’ll get annoyed.

It could be that I’m used to expensive bib shorts that are so comfortable I can totally forget about them once I start riding.

Could you wear these underwear as cycling shorts?

Sure, you could. They’re about the size of running shorts, and they’re not see-through, so I don’t see a problem with the idea.

I don’t recommend it, though.

The legs ride up as soon as you start riding, so it looks like you’re basically wearing a Speedo. I’ve never felt like I was revealing so much skin! (Even during the Pittsburgh Underwear Ride!)

They rode up so much that my inner thigh was chafing on the side of the seat! That is not comfortable! And that’s exactly why proper cycling shorts extend further down your thigh!


Fortunately, I don’t really need these for cycling. For kayaking, however, they come in handy!

If you ask me, kayak seats are less comfortable than bike seats. And it’s rather difficult to stand up in a kayak, so there’s no relief!

I started wearing these as kayaking shorts and it was a smart decision! The only other way to get comfortable is to use a Class IV PFD seat cushion, but those raise your center of gravity and ruin your stability.

And they’re great for getting a tan way up your thighs!

I would actually buy these as kayaking shorts (since I don’t need them as biking shorts.)


So far, so good! I’ve only used these a handful of times, but they’re not falling apart, so that’s a good sign.

Obviously they won’t last forever. For $15, don’t plan to wear them every day and have them last for years!

Are these the right choice for you?

You have two decisions:

1. Do I want padded underwear, or do I want cycling shorts?
2. If underwear, do I want these underwear?

These Ohuhu padded underwear are not meant to replace fancy cycling bibs! These are for the person who does not need nor want nice bib shorts.

ohuhu padded cycling underwear compared to expensive bib shorts

If you don’t mind showing your curves, better spandex shorts are not much more money. Look around, sometimes the shorts on sale for $20 are pretty darn nice. $40 will get you rather nice bibs (which I guess you could wear wear underneath your other clothes.)

If you just want something with a casual look, you can get good cycling shorts built into an outer shell.

If you’re set on padded cycling underwear, you can choose these ones from Ohuhu, or consider other options from competitors Baleaf and Xcellent Global.

They all look virtually identical. I’d buy whatever is cheapest!

(Unless you want women-specific underwear, in which case these ones are pretty!)

My final verdict is…

I would never recommend these to an actual cyclist, but as long as you don’t confuse these with real cycling shorts, they’re not terrible. For $15, these are alright for the recreational cyclist who just needs a little more padding for short rides and doesn’t want to wear spandex or spend a lot of money on a new seat. They also make for decent kayaking shorts!

I just can’t promise they will fit your body, bike seat, and riding position!

Official website: www.Ohuhu.com

Buy online: www.Amazon.com

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