Someone wants to build huge leg muscles

Hello! Do you have any programs to build up my legs?
Greetings from SERBIA!!!!

Thanks for the email all the way from Serbia!

Since cycling, running, and swimming are all aerobic, endurance sports, I’ll assume you want to build up your legs through weight lifting.

With cycling, it takes quite a while to build huge leg muscles. We’re talking thousands and thousands of miles over years and years of riding. It doesn’t matter if you’re pushing big gears at 50 rpm, that’s still not enough resistance for noticeable gains.

If anyone tells you big gear riding is like weight lifting, think about this – riding at a slow pace like 50 rpm is still 50 “reps” each minute. If you ride like that for an hour, that’s 3000 reps. If you spend 30-60 minutes in the weight room, you might do a total of 50 reps for your leg exercises. So… it’s not even close.

But what about the pro cyclists with bulging quads, you ask? Yes, you might see pro cyclists with bulging quads. But when you do, those cyclists are either big to begin with, lift weights, ride superhuman numbers of miles, or all of the above. And not every single pro cyclist has huge legs, believe it or not.

Anyway, back to building leg muscle…

The first thing I’ll say is to pick a few key exercises and focus on them: the squat, the deadlift, and the lunge. And to a lesser extent, seated calf raises, but the first three are all you really need.

Then your next move is to practice proper form until you have the movements perfected. This is best done with the help of an expert (and by expert, I don’t mean some random Youtube videos!)

Once you can perform the exercises with proper form, you’ll want to focus on lifting heavy weights for 5-8 reps per set, because that’s what will really build your muscles. Doing 10-20 reps per set just means you will have to put less weight on the bar, which means your muscles won’t get as good of a workout.

Now, when it comes to an exact training plan, that’s going to depend largely on your current fitness, access to equipment, specific goals, etc.

So I’m going to turn you over to the weight lifting experts to finish this out. But don’t worry, I’ll also direct you to a great training plan that you can adapt to your leg workout. That plan is the 5×5 Workout from, and it’s free.

I’ll also list some more information on the exercises I recommended:

How to Squat with Proper Technique

How to Perform Box Squats

How to Deadlift with Proper Technique

UWL Exercise Video Index

Those sites are geared for weight lifters, so they should help out. (I write for cyclists and recommend some weight lifting, but much more focus on bodyweight workouts.)

Good luck, stay safe, and have fun!

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