The plank is an isometric hold. It is a very simple exercise, but it is very effective – it works your entire core.

The plank is possibly the best ab exercise out there. It works your abs the entire time, without rest, so it’s incredibly efficient. Also, since there is no crunching motion, you don’t aggravate any existing back problems or create new ones.

the plank

Step 1: Get down like a push up position, but you’re on your toes and forearms. Elbows, forearms, hands down.

Stiff body. Abs pulled in tight. Belly button towards spine. Hold this position. Don’t let hips sag!

Start out with a 30 second hold. Keep adding time until you can do this for 5, or maybe even 10 minutes straight!

Plank video:

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  1. Simple blog and definitely to the point.

    This is a great ab blasting workout. I love doing this at the gym, because it’s so effective.

    Anyone who hasn’t tried this yet needs to give it a go.


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