The reverse lunge is a variation of the lunge where you extend your leg behind you. This is a great leg workout, plus it improves your balance.

reverse lunge

Step 1: Stand in an upright position.

reverse lunge

Step 2: Keeping your left foot firmly on the floor, lunge your right leg out behind you and rest on your right toes. Hands can come out in front for balance. Your forward knee should be straight above your toes.

reverse lunge

Step 3: Then bring the right leg forward and up, bringing your knee up to your chest. Balance on your left leg.

Start the next rep by moving your right leg back to the lunged position.

After a set standing on the left leg, switch legs so that you are balancing on your right leg and lunging your left leg back.

(Tip: start with your weaker leg. When you switch to your stronger leg, only do as many reps as you could with the weaker leg.)

Reverse Lunge video:

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