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act body trim

I have used ACT Energy Drink on occasion for the past few years and thought it was pretty good (as stated in my ACT review,) as long as you get past that whole MLM scheme.

Well they came out with a new drink called ACT Body Trim, which is an energy drink that is supposed to help you lose weight since it contains natural appetite suppressants. It’s a little bit like Lean Out, but without having to swallow pills.

Let’s look at this drink in a little more detail…

ACT Body Trim: Health and Nutrition

According to the manufacturer’s claims, Body Trim:

  • Boosts Energy
  • Promotes Healthy Cholesterol Levels
  • Promotes Healthy Blood Sugar Levels
  • Promotes a Healthy Cardiovascular System
  • Promotes a Healthy Immune System

Going by that, this would be a very healthy drink! How all those claims are accomplished, though, is left out of the sales material.

So what I like to do is look through the ingredients one by one and make sure there is nothing inherently unhealthy in there.

At first glance, I don’t see problematic ingredients. Stevia is used for a natural sweetener, green tea is great, guarana seed is a natural source of caffeine, and then the dehydrated juice, fiber, fennel seed, burdock root, and peppermint leaf are natural ingredients.

Vitamins B3, B6, and B12 are included, as well as Chromium and Potassium. So far, so good.

The few odd names left are Cha-de-bugre, Garcinia cambogia, Senna, and Pau d’ Arco.

Cha-de-bugre is an extract from a tree in the Brazilian forests that has been used as a weight loss product, appetite suppressant, heart tonic, and circulatory stimulant. (Rain-Tree.com.)

Garcinia cambogia extract comes from a fruit grown in Asia and Africa, and it’s used in many herbal weight loss supplements to suppress appetite and enhance fat-burning. Evidence of this seems inconclusive, however. (WiseGeek.)

Senna is a tropical plant and is also an ingredient in laxatives. It is used in diet products to move food through the body more quickly, to decrease the amount of calories absorbed along the way. I was afraid of that, because wouldn’t that also mean you miss out on a chance to absorb important vitamins and minerals from your foods?

On a lighter note, it also contains resveratrol, a powerful anti inflammatory compound. (Wikipedia.)

Pau d’ Arco is an herb derived from the inner bark of a South American tree. Studies have shown that pau d’arco has pain killing, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious, anti-psoriatic, and anti-cancer abilities and it has long been used in Brazil to treat these conditions. (UMM.edu.)

Overall, Body Trim is pretty cool. My concern comes from the effects of Senna, and for that reason, I wouldn’t want to take Body Trim for any extended period of time (until I did further research.)

ACT Body Trim: Taste Test

Body Trim comes in a pink lemonade flavor. I really like the flavor. (It’s much different than Emergen-C pink lemonade and EBOOST pink lemonade, neither of which I liked.)

I guess the Body Trim pink lemonade tastes more like cherry lemonade or strawberry lemonade. That was nice because it was kind of sweet, where the other drinks I mentioned had a tart pink grapefruit taste. It’s not sweet like pink lemonade from Hawaiian Punch or Kool Aid, but it’s good nonetheless.

The taste is nice and strong when mixed with roughly 12oz water. With 16oz water it starts to get weak but it’s still drinkable.

As for texture, it’s the same as regular ACT powder once it’s mixed. It might not be as crisp and clean as something ready-to-drink from a bottle, but it’s not chalky or grainy.

ACT Body Trim: Shake It Up

Here is how to mix Body Trim:

First, open the pouch. You can easily tear open these packets, (as opposed to the regular ACT packets which require scissors.)

This is where you have to pay attention – ACT Body Trim needs to be shaken. Mixing or stirring will do virtually nothing! (Try stirring it and you get powder stuck on the bottom of the cup and a bunch of fluffy powder floating around the top.)

I put it in a water bottle where you can shake it. Doing it that way makes it mix extremely easily.

It goes something like this:

act body trim

act body trim

act body trim

Then drink!

When you’re finished, there should not be any undissolved powder at the bottom of your cup or bottle.

ACT Body Trim: Price

The real downside here is the price. Body Trim is more expensive than regular ACT (which isn’t cheap.) Plus, since it only comes in single-serving packets, so you don’t have the option to save money by buying in bulk.

A box of 35 packets is ____, which comes to ___ per serving. Then there is still that pesky problem of having to find one of the independent distributors, or signing-up for the network marketing thing.

While there are more expensive diet pills and drinks, I still like the cheaper “diet and exercise” method of weight loss.

ACT Body Trim: Does It Work?

This is the real question, right? It has to work for dieting or it would be very overpriced pink lemonade!

I didn’t set out to use this religiously because I’m not currently looking for diet aids, so I first tried it on a day where I wanted to eat very little (basically a liquid fast.)

Normally I’d be very hungry on a day like that. But the goal of this drink is to suppress your appetite, and surprisingly, it did. Drinking Body Trim made it so that I could eat a little bit and then not crave a bunch more food.

This effect seemed to last, because there were times I’d walk into the kitchen looking for something, but then decide I didn’t really feel like eating. (Which is very rare for me!)

So I tried it for a week this past winter (one packet per day) and my weight went like this:

Day 1: 161
Day 2: 159
Day 3: 160
Day 4: 160
Day 5: 159
Day 6: 160
Day 7: 159
Day 8: 162
Day 9: 162

That’s a typical weight fluctuation for me, so it would appear the Body Trim had no effect. I did eat less than usually thanks to the appetite suppressing ingredients, but it did me no good. If anything, I gained a pound!

However, I decided to finish off what Body Trim I had left, so I did like three weeks on the stuff. In the end I think it did have a positive effect, even though my weight stayed the same. Why? Because normally I’d gain at least five pounds during the off season, and I avoided that while on Body Trim!

But it’s pretty obvious this won’t have a major effect on an athlete with low body fat. Body Trim could quite possibly help you lose 50 or even 100 pounds to get yourself down to 20% body fat, but if you’re already at 8% body fat and healthy, it won’t be all that useful.

At that point it could even be dangerous if you suppress your appetite too much. Because even if you are cutting calories, you still want to get enough food to fuel your body and give it the vitamins and minerals it needs. Not to mention, if the food moves through your body too quickly, you could miss out on the few nutrients you ingested!

Lastly… don’t use this the day before a long ride! During the ride, you will want to have eaten plenty the day before! Body Trim could actually give you a false sense of satiety.

As for energy, I think it did give me a little energy boost. It was not a huge boost, but it lasted for a while and wore off gradually, much like regular ACT.

My final verdict is…

The best part about Body Trim was the taste. I really enjoyed it and now I wish regular ACT Energy came in this pink lemonade flavor, too.

Health wise, I’m a bit wary of this stuff. It’s certainly better than other miracle diet pills that are more expensive and do nothing, but I think you would have to be significantly overweight for this to have dramatic results.

Endurance athletes – save your money and don’t bother with Body Trim.

If you were to use this, I wouldn’t advise using it for very long. For short periods of severe calorie restriction, yes, it helps. But healthy eating and exercise is a better long-term strategy.

Official website: www.DrinkACT.com

Buy online: www.Amazon.com

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