neverreach hydration system

This edition of Water Bottle Wednesday brings us a funky hydration system that just barely qualifies as a simple “water bottle.” But there is water and a bottle, so here we go…

What you are looking at is called the NeverReach, which is more than a giant water bottle – it’s actually a “frame mounted hydration system.”

It consists of a large water tank that fits behind your saddle, with a tube that runs from the bottle to your handlebars, ending with a bite valve. That means you can carry a lot of water and drink it easily, not having to fumble with normal water bottles.

If you’re an elite triathlete, it makes perfect sense. It’s aerodynamic, which is great for cutting down your time, and it’s easy to use because the straw goes right up between the aerobars. That saves the time it would take to reach for bottles, plus it saves time by keeping you in an aero position during the drinking process.

Test results indicate a 35 second performance increase in a 40-kilometer time trial by just having NeverReach mounted!!

That’s pretty cool, because that time savings alone translates to something like three minutes in an Ironman bike section. Add in the time savings from switching fewer bottles and breaking the aero position less often, you could save five minutes without effort.

So if you’re skinny, in great shape, and riding a top-notch bike, this will help shave off even more time. I don’t know how well it works, but it’s something neat to look at, and could very well be worth the price.

I was tempted to get one myself so I could carry a lot of water on long endurance rides, but $99 is still a lot of coin for a water bottle! I’ll stick with my 32oz bottles until I’m an elite triathlete!

Official website:

(Also see their FAQ page if you have questions.)

Picture and statistics quoted from the NeverReach website.

*All “Product Previews” are simply products I have found that look really cool or interesting. The product has not yet been reviewed, so I’m not advising you to buy or not to buy the product.

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