water bottle wednesday

What’s the most important part of your bike ride? A sweet carbon frame? Supple tires? Your helmet?

The jury is out on the most important part, but one of the most important accessories for almost all cyclists is the water bottle. It allows us to carry water and therefore, stay hydrated.

It’s so simple and convenient yet often ignored.

I’ll admit, I take my water bottles for granted sometimes. But when I drop one on the road or if one shakes out on a rough section of singletrack without me knowing, I sure miss it!

That’s why every Wednesday (starting next week) I’ll have a post dedicated to a certain water bottle or story involving the glorious “water bottle.”

Also, since I might not have enough water bottles and stories to fill the spot every single week, I’m inviting submissions. If you have a water bottle you love or a great story behind one, send in the story along with a pic of the bottle if possible, and I just might publish it!

Water Bottle Wednesday Archives

Featured bottles:

Water Bottle Wednesday #1 – Trek Bottle From Trailz End

blue trek water bottle

We’ll start off the Water Bottle Wednesday series by looking at this nice water bottle from Trek Bikes.

This is a quality water bottle that looks and feels good. The color and design make it more apt to a beach cruiser, as I don’t know of many racing bikes in the baby blue and navy blue color scheme!

But it works. It’s actually on par with the Specialized brand water bottles, so I wouldn’t hesitate to use it in a race situation.

What’s cooler, though, is how I got it. It was actually a door prize (which I rarely win) at the 2007 Shannock Valley Community Festival MTB race (which I’ve done about five times now.) It might be my only door prize though!

Thanks goes out to Trailz End Multisport Bicycle Shop of Indiana, PA for donating it. I’ve used it over 6 months now and it still looks good!

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  1. Since you seem to be keen on water bottles and didn’t particularly like the Polar bottles you reviewed, how about a review of the newer Camelback Chilljacket bottle?

  2. @Tony

    I’m currently using the Camelbak Chilljacket bottle and will have a review eventually. (Hint: I like it quite a bit!)



  3. [Submitted on: Mar 26, 2008]

    Water bottles are an underserved topic. I like that you are reviewing them. The color scheme on the Trek bottle reminds me of the Gerolsteiner kit.

    I hate hydration back packs. Any chance you will review oversize (>28 oz.) bottles? I’ve used Zefal Magnum bottles (32oz), but they were the only ones I could find.

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