gatorade water bottle 32 oz

Today’s edition of Water Bottle Wednesday features one of my most beloved water bottles, this green giant from Gatorade.

This baby holds 32 ounces of precious water, and it still fits in a normal bottle cage!

Here’s why I love it – Carrying two of these lets me carry 64oz of water, which is equivalent to carrying three normal size bottles! (And carrying three, 20oz bottles is a pain in the butt!)

With 64oz of water securely attached to my bike, I can venture out into the remote, desolate back roads without fear of running out of clean water – and I can do it without carrying a bulky hydration pack!

Another cool feature on this bottle is the clear view strip along the side (not pictured.) This allows you to see the current water level, even though the rest of the bottle is green.

I have encountered a few problems along the way, though. Since the bottle is much taller than normal, it might not fit all frames, especially funky mountain bike frames. It’s also a bit harder to maneuver into and out of the cages, because even when it does fit in the frame, it’s a close fit.

[It fits both cages on my road bike and my hardtail MTB, but it is kind of hard to fit it in the MTB’s seat tube cage.]

Since it’s hard to maneuver, it’s not a great bottle to carry during races. You would probably drop it or at least take way too long to pull it out of the cage and replace it. (But the bottle’s benefits don’t really apply to races, so I don’t actually consider this a downside.)

Some people might not like this, but the mouth piece is hard plastic. There’s no “give” like there is on most cycling-specific bottles, but it hasn’t hurt my mouth any. The benefit is that it closes easily and securely. (Unfortunately, I think it drips a bit more than usual when it is open, so it’s a trade-off.)

The real problem… is that I need another one!

I bought two of these bottles about four years ago for something like $1.88 at a Wal-Mart in the Boston suburbs. Once I realized how sweet these were, I went back for more, but never saw them again!

Even worse, I broke one of the two I had! (See story box for the details…)

You know how you freeze some water inside a water bottle so you don’t have to use normal ice cubes? Well I did that with one of these bottles… Oh, it worked fine, until I dropped it!

I was using the bottle for a road trip, and while taking a sip at a rest stop, I dropped the bottle right down on the cement. It looked fine then, so I picked it up and put it back in my cup holder.

So I packed up and was driving along, grabbed the bottle, and noticed it was dripping onto my pants… Then I glanced at my cup holder and saw it was full of water!

What had happened was the ice at the bottom of the bottle was so hard that the bottom cracked when it hit the cement. But since it was ice at the time, there was no leak. Until it started to warm up!

So I was cruising down the highway with about 30oz of water leaking out into my car! At my next stop I simply had to throw the bottle in the trash can due to the large gash on the bottom… πŸ™

But hey, one is better than none πŸ™‚

How to Get a Similar Gatorade Bottle

The good news is that Gatorade still makes some water bottles. They have discontinued my beloved 32oz bottle, but they have a new 32oz bottle out there. They have it at, so if I don’t see it in the stores, I’ll get one next time I order from Amazon…

But this new bottle has some ridges, and the nozzle is new… So we’ll see… [Yes, I’ll review it in an upcoming edition of Water Bottle Wednesday.]

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  1. Big water bottles do come in handy for long training rides. However I am one of those poor souls that rides a small framed bike as I’m not considered tall by most. Bigger bottles just don’t fit. So I ride out like a domestic in the Tour de France. 2 bottles on my bike and depending on how far I’m going, 0-4 more in my jersey pockets. I use the ones on my bike and then switch them out with a fresh full on from the jersey. So by the end of the ride I’ve got all empties in my pockets.

    I only use my hydration pack when I mountain bike. Then I don’t even bother with a water bottle. they usually get so covered in dirt, mud, and whatever else I end up not drinking from them.

  2. Yeah man I hear ya, sometimes I use my jersey pockets for bottles too. Luckily the 32oz bottles fit my road frame fine, because I prefer to use my jersey for food πŸ˜€

  3. Do you even use the strip on the side while riding or more when filling? Also does it still give a good indication when the bottle is in the frame?

    I might have to order one of these bad boys but I don’t think that one will fit in my seat stay cage.

  4. I actually do use the clear strip when filling because it’s easier than peering down into a dark green bottle. I don’t look at it when the bottle is in the cage, but I glance at it while drinking if I think I’m running low.

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