Today’s question is about exercising with the ab wheel but feeling it in your arms and back, rather than your abs…

When exercising with the ab wheel, I only feel it in my back! What am i doing wrong?

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Have no fear, this is a very common problem.

First, make sure you’re using correct form. Concentrate on flexing your abs, keeping them tight throughout the entire exercise. Really focus on using your abs to roll back and keep yourself under control.

But a common problem, especially if you are new to working out like this, is that your lower back might not be very strong yet. While your back isn’t the focus here, it’s still involved in the movement, so if it isn’t ready, it will be sore even when you use proper form.

To remedy this, add more ab and back exercises (like the plank and superman) into your routine.

Others have commented that they feel it in their arms. This is usually one of two things:

  • 1) You just did an arm workout and your arms are too sore to support your body right now.
  • 2) Not focusing on your abs enough.

Most likely, it’s the second one. I can’t stress this enough – you really have to focus on your abs.

On the way out, it’s not too hard – your abs are braced to keep your body in line. But coming back, you really need to flex your abs. It’s almost like your abs are pushing on your back and butt to move them. Your arms are relaxed and just following along. Don’t pull with your arms.

Keep exercising and working on your form and you should improve significantly.

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  1. Is it simpler to execute the ab wheel with a barbell or the equipment itself? Keep up the great work!

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