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How to Wear a Number During a 5k

When you’re running a 5k, whether for the first or hundredth time, you don’t want to screw up any of the little details that are easy to forget due to pre-race jitters. One of those important details is your number plate!

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How NOT To Carry Energy Gels During a Marathon

When running a marathon or other endurance event, carrying food is very important. But there are good and bad ways to carry energy gels. Here are seven ways NOT to carry gel packets with you…

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Blisters and Blood: Why Running Without Socks Is a Bad Idea!

Have you ever wondered what length of socks is good for running? There are low, mid, and high socks, plus ultra-low cut socks and even knee-high socks. While it’s mostly personal preference, here’s a reason not to run with the low-cut socks!

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How To Carry Food And Water With You On Your Runs: 6 Ways That Work

Whenever I first started running more than a couple miles at a time, the question of “how do I carry food and water with me?” really boggled my mind. I no longer had the luxury of a cycling jersey with pockets in the back, a backpack would be way too big, and I sure didn’t want to carry water bottles in my hands! But I didn’t want to die of dehydration, either…

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