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Ask Levi: How Do I Increase Mileage for a Big Ride?

Today’s question is about increasing mileage leading up to a big ride and adjusting your on-bike fueling to match the new distance…

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Ask Levi: How Much Mileage Do I Need Before a Century?

Today’s question is about how often and how many miles you need to ride to train for a century or other bike ride…

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Training: It’s About Hours, Not Miles

Beginners tend to think of training in terms of miles. It is the standard unit of measurement in most endurance sports, especially running and cycling. But it is time to break the habit! You need to think in terms of time spent training, and that will be measured in hours.

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Junk Miles: What They Are, And Why You Should Avoid Them

Junk miles are miles added into your training plan with no purpose other than to increase your mileage count. Most endurance athletes fall prey to these junk miles, but here is how to avoid junk miles and improve fitness…

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