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frs energy drink concentrate orange

The sheer number of energy drinks out there really amazes me. There must be thousands of crazy, disgusting, unhealthy energy drinks around the world. But I take comfort in the fact that there is a handful of healthy energy drinks out there.

One of these healthy energy drinks is known as FRS (or Free Radical Scavenger) from New Sun Nutrition. It caught my eye because of FRS’ connection to the cycling world, and now I have had a chance to put it to the test!

Today I am going to review the FRS liquid concentrate, which comes in a 32oz bottle that provides 16, 2oz servings.

Recommended dosing is to mix 2oz concentrate with 6oz water to complete a nice 8oz glass. It even includes a nifty FRS measuring cup!

Mixing the FRS Concentrate

frs energy drink concentrate

The first thing I noticed when mixing was that the concentrate is really thick and likes to stick to the measuring cup, and rinsing it out of the measuring cup without wasting any took too much effort. After that I decided to just dump the concentrate straight into my glass. That saved a lot of time and hassle! (Once you see 2oz poured from the measuring cup, it’s easy to judge the amount by sight, or you could draw a line on your glass or water bottle to make it super easy.)

The thing that’s awesome is how this does not leave clumps of powder at the bottom of the glass. Since this is a liquid concentrate, it mixes easily into one smooth drink. I mix it with a spoon, but you can get by without it – just dump the concentrate in first, pour water over it, and give it a little swirl. Or put it in a water bottle and give it a quick shake, whichever you prefer.

Also, the concentrate is so thick and strong you could probably mix 2oz of it with 16oz of water and still have it taste good. You’ll have to see what works for you.

FRS Concentrate Taste and Texture

Opening the bottle was kind of funny because this stuff looks and smells exactly like frozen orange juice concentrate! I was expecting some funky “energy drink” kind of flavor, but this taste was like a traditional fruit juice! The texture was just like orange juice, too, as it’s very thick (as opposed to thin and watery.)

I would say the taste is practically the same as orange juice but with a little bit of a bite at the end of each sip. It’s not bad, but if this was an OJ taste test, you could tell it is the odd man out. (I’d say it’s like drinking sweet orange juice and then the bite at the end is like a more sour, acidic orange juice taste.)

However, unlike real orange juice, this does not leave an aftertaste! Normally OJ leaves a thick, acidic aftertaste, but this stuff does not. That is awesome! No more disgusting “brushing your teeth after drinking orange juice” feeling!

Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

This is loaded with calories – 120 calories in the 2oz serving. (No wonder FRS does low-calorie options!) However, that just makes it even more like orange juice… I checked a can of frozen orange juice concentrate and a serving of that was listed at 140 calories, so FRS is on par with that.

The FRS is fairly filling, as you’d expect for the caloric content. You could use it as a quick, pre-workout breakfast (assuming you keep refueling if you’re doing a long workout.)

I’ve been drinking this in the morning on an empty stomach with no problems. Some people have trouble with orange juice being too acidic, and some energy supplements can be problematic on an empty stomach, but this didn’t bother me.

Now for the most important part… the ingredients that give you energy! It’s all about the flavonoid antioxidants (especially quercetin and catechins.) A serving of this gives you the same amount of antioxidants as 3 servings of blueberries, 6 servings of red onions, or 8 servings of raspberries!

Sure, I’d love to eat 3 servings of blueberries or even 8 servings of raspberries every day, but that’s not realistic! It’s much easier to get 250mg of quercetin and 100mg of catechins (from the green tea leaf extract) in one simple serving of FRS concentrate.

On top of that, the all-natural ingredients provide:

25% DV of Vitamin A
210% DV of Vitamin C
200% DV of Vitamin E
100% DV of Thiamin
100% DV of Riboflavin
100% DV of Niacin
100% DV of both Vitamins B6 and B12

frs energy drink concentrate

The Energy Boost

With all these ingredients, I was expecting an insane energy boost… but it didn’t do much. I did notice it lift my mood some and make me feel a little more alert, but there wasn’t an energy rush.

But I went into it all wrong…

I was looking for an instant boost, but you don’t really notice the real energy boost till the end of the day. That’s because FRS lasts all day, delivering just enough energy to keep you active and alert without making you jittery.

So on a day you take this, you’ll go through the day like normal, but at the end of the day you won’t be worn out! Then when you look back on the day, you’ll realize you got a lot of stuff done!

For example, let’s say your routine consists of going to work, coming home and going for a quick ride, then laying on the couch and falling asleep. With FRS, you could put in a day at work, go for a hard ride, and then get some work done at home. It’s a simple concept, but after you see the results, you’ll swear by it!

Drawbacks to the FRS Concentrate

This FRS worked extremely well, although there is a drawback I noticed… the price. A bottle costs about $20, so if you use it once every day, you’ll need almost two bottles each month. That’s $40 per month! (I don’t like to put a price tag on my health, though!)

My final verdict is…

I’m extremely happy with my FRS concentrate. The taste is good enough that I could drink this on a daily basis for years, and the all day energy is so great that I could drink this even if it tasted terrible! The taste isn’t amazing enough that I want to drink it five times a day, but the energy boost is too good to pass up.

If you just want some health benefits for a low price, drink a couple glasses of green tea each day. But if you want lots of extra health benefits and the all day energy boost, FRS is well worth the price. (I bet you could even calculate it as a cost savings if you think about how much more work you can get done each day!)

Official website: www.FRS.com

Buy online: www.Amazon.com

Product Review Details
Company: FRS
Product: FRS Energy Drink Liquid Concentrate
Reviewed by: Coach Levi
My Rating: 4.0 out of 5
Date last updated: 2011-08-01
Obtained Product: Purchased at retailer.
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  1. I have a question. What kind of sweetener is in the FRS concentrate? Is there someplace where I can find the complete ingredients list?


  2. @Robin

    The sweetener varies by product. The “all natural” ones use organic evaporated cane juice, while the “low calorie” versions contain sucralose.

    Take a look at my complete FRS wrapup article which includes links to all my individual reviews, and specifically my FRS in cans review, which lists an ingredient comparison.

  3. I left a link for you to check out in order to compare the ingredients and amounts of in Shaklee’s product called Flavomax. It has the same kind of ingredients, flavanoids and bioflavanoids, quercitin, green tea, etc, but NO sugar, no taste (it’s in capsule form) and is $6 cheaper per month. I also like that you get more benefits b/c it’s amounts of those beneficial ingredients are much higher. For example, it’s the equivalent of 31 servings of blueberries, almost 2000 carrots, 10 servings of cherries, 13 servings of limes and 26 servings of red cabbage. Thank you for the info on FRS!

  4. i find no discussion of the caffeine in FRS. seems important to me. how does it compare with coffee, other energy drinks. thanks

  5. @Donna

    The caffeine content is pretty low. FRS has less caffeine than a cup of coffee, so it has much less than you’ll find in a can of typical energy drink.

    I wrote a little bit more about caffeine here:

  6. Just a question….In your review you mentioned the calorie content in the FRS Liquid Concentrate as 120 cal for a 2 oz serving. Is that correct? My bottle very clearly states that it is 20 cal for a 2 oz serving. I am concerned because I am very calorie conscious and have not noticed any particular benefit from drinking the FRS – I am basically going on what I believe are the hidden benefits with respect to the free radicals. I am very curious and may need to reexamine this as a supplement.

    Looking forward to your input,

  7. @Michelle

    Don’t worry – you probably have a bottle of the “low cal” concentrate, with does have 20 calories per serving. It’s the “all natural” concentrate that has the 120 calories per serving.

  8. Levi,

    Dollar Tree actually has glasses with measurements on the side, which would be great for mixing! And hey, they’re only a buck. 🙂

    Thanks for the reviews- they are very helpful! I plan to try FRS to help with my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.


  9. @Jolene

    Great idea! One of those would be perfect, especially since I have to mix up a lot of different drinks and each one requires different amounts.

  10. Levi,

    Do you work for FRS or are your reviews truly your unbiased opinions of the product?

  11. @Dave

    I don’t work for FRS. I don’t particularly like the company and I wouldn’t work for them if I had the chance.

    However, I like the drink (specifically the liquid concentrate) because it works great for me during endurance training.

    It’s really funny though how controversial FRS is. There are plenty of other product reviews on my site, both positive and negative, and no one accuses me of working for any other company out there.

    But people comment asking if I work for FRS, and sometimes I even catch employees of PR firms (that work with other brands of energy drinks) coming by and leaving obviously biased, negative comments. It really cracks me up!

  12. Levi-
    I would like to suggest that you not endorse the free trial site. I think celebrity sports people should be ashamed of this as people who do not research, get stuck in a $70 auto ship program. that is not cool and it is not laid out on the site. you can cancel, but it is hard. sometimes you can cancel but still get a small amt. for a club fee taken out every month but regardless, people need to be aware.

    thanks for your review…i will be purchasing at another outlet


  13. To Barbara:
    I have used FRS for several months now, after receiving my 1-month free trial. I did very little research and found the auto-ship to be very conspicuously stated on the website. Also, the auto-ship is customizable to your usageof the product. I only use FRS sparatically at work so my autoship is setup at $18 every other month (1 bottle of concentrate shipped to Utah) I don’t plan to stop my shipments anytime soon, but thanks for the heads up on cancellation being difficult.

  14. Something for everyone to research about Quercetin, the active ingredient in FRS:

    “Quercetin has been shown to increase energy expenditure in rats, but only for short periods (fewer than 8 weeks)”

    As I mentioned above, I use the product sparatically and after several months it is still very effective for my application. However, reading the wiki info stated above, I am lead to believe that prolonged, continual usage of the product may cause your body to build resistance to its effects.

    Maybe you can address this, Levi. I would be interested to know if you still use FRS almost two years later and if it still works for you.

  15. I’ve been using this product, the lowcal concentrate, for three weeks and have experienced more energy. I take mine before my daily ride and I mix a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with it. Two Ounces of FRS in my tall bike bottle and the tase is fine.

  16. Just fyi about the cost, I found that if you order it autoship on amazon, they give you a discount so it ends up being 16.63 instead of ~20.

  17. @Patrick S.

    Here’s my update about how I’ve been using FRS the past two years and how it’s working today:


  18. Levi,
    I have also, tried and like FRS quite a bit. I am a college student and take FRS after practice so that I can stay alert in class – it works marvelously. I have noticed, however, that drinking the orange concentrate turns my tongue bright yellow. Have you noticed this? If so, have you found that any frs products have less of this tongue-coloring effect?

  19. @Noah

    I never noticed anything, but the concentrate is pretty bright so I can understand. I’ll check my tongue next time 🙂

    The only thing I can think of is, perhaps the wild berry wouldn’t be noticeable since it is more of a natural red color.

  20. I am a51 year old truck driver, an I have had my fill of ENERGY DRINK’S. When I fill my face feeling flush an tingling I know it is at work. I started drinking RED BULL because I notice it 100mg of niacin an I knew what it was for. So over the years ENERGY DRINK’S HAVE COME AN GONE WITH ME. But for now it is FRS. An will be for a long time to come

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