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Over the weekend I discovered a new energy drink called FRS Healthy Energy. At first glance it reminded me of ACT Energy, which is a healthy/natural energy drink, so I figured FRS was worth a look.

And boy was I right! It turns out that this energy drink is endorsed by none other than Lance Armstrong! Apparently Lance scrutinized the science behind this energy drink and deemed it worthy of consumption. He’s even sitting on the Board of Directors for the company now, so he must really believe in this stuff.

Here’s a quote from Lance about the situation and his take on the FRS energy drink:

“FRS is a part of my daily routine. Though I have retired from cycling, my days, like the days of many other people, are strenuous and I need something to keep me going. FRS has been the healthy energy choice for me.”
– Lance Armstrong [via]

Just with his endorsement I’m really considering trying this. If you want some, they are running a free trial offer right now where you get a selection of all their products, including ready-to-drink cans, powder to mix your own, concentrate liquid to mix your own, and soft chews.

So why am I not jumping at this free trial? Sucralose. While the ready-to-drink cans and the liquid concentrate are sweetened with organic evaporated cane juice and white grape juice concentrate, the “low calorie” flavors and all the powders contain sucralose. (The soft chews contain sugar and corn syrup, but that’s still better than artificial sweeteners.)

I’ll be holding out because I just want the good stuff, but regardless, expect a full review in the future.

Aside from the sweeteners and typical vitamins and minerals, here is a little quote about the main active ingredient:

Quercetin is a natural antioxidant found in the skins of apples, blueberries, and onions. It protects the adrenaline that your body naturally creates to give you energy for small daily tasks like staying awake at work and big events like running a marathon. Quercetin allows your body to use energy more efficiently so you feel more energy for a longer amount of time.

(Quoted from the FRS website.)

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  1. I actually got the free trial of this stuff a few months ago. I have to be honest that I didn’t really see any gains or feel any better than I do with my regular balanced diet. The chews tasted pretty good but that seemed to be about it for me.

    you get the same anti-oxident properties in a cup of cheap green tea, some hershey chocolat, and piece of fruit. (I like cheaper)

    Also when you sign up for the trial you are also signed up to start getting the stuff at a regular shipping interval. You have to cancel your free trial or you get charged. Then when you call to cancel you get a supper pushy high preasure sales person in a call center working you over to extend the time on your trial and to show you how you can change your scheduled shipments so you only get what you want.

    As far as Lance’s endorsment…I’m not so sure it isn’t only financially motivated at least thats my feeling about it after trying it anyway.

  2. I had a feeling it would be a pushy salesman which is what turned me away. When your only cancellation option is the phone they do whatever they can!

    But my reasoning with Lance is that he would make much more $$$ with his Nike and Subaru endorsements or even his outrageously priced speaking engagements. Unless FRS goes public and the stock takes off like Google, I don’t think it’s worth staking his reputation on something unless it works.

    And “work” is subjective, because if it provides healthy antioxidants I would consider it to “work.”

    (We’re in the minority about wanting cheap stuff. If everyone was willing to carry around home-brewed green tea and fruit, energy drinks never would have started!)

  3. I see your point and your probably right.

    Hey at the very least the stuff tastes good.

  4. “Hey at the very least the stuff tastes good.”

    Sounds good to me then! 😀

  5. Like Lance knows anything about science of sports drinks…

  6. This is a real shame. The drink may be great for top endurance athletes, but they are taking very slim evidence (3% gain??) from “stressed athletes and claiming it will help normal people, where there is no evidence at all. If the science was so compelling and they have a Harvard professor on the payroll, why was their critical research performed at Appalachain State??? Do they even have indoor plumbing at Appalachian state?

    I have a PhD and am a published scientist. My specialy has nothing to do with energy drink, but free radicals are a focus. I can read a science paper and interpret the data.

  7. get hostile about it why don’t we. if you don’t want to live in a capitalistic society you know where to go doc. morality has no place in today’s business-world, unfortunately, but it’s reality so you might as well accept it.

    as for the products, shit gets me amped-i did the free trial and love it!! i’m keeping it going and at 65 bucks a month to a college kid that’s saying something. focus is the most significant difference for me–no fatigue at all, no crash, and no jitters. i typically do 1-2 servings per day as needed, so 5 servings may last me a week. or i may get crazy!! i pulled an all-nighter on three, it was nice. (i hate caffeine and rarely drink coffee, maybe 5X a year to stay up.) this will get the lazy off their arses and make the unmotivated feel guilty for sitting still. basically all natural and tastes awesome!! highly recommended. bill

  8. @Bill

    It seems FRS has the same effect on us! It doesn’t make me stronger, but that increased focus really, really helps!

    And thanks for the insightful comment, it’s good to see someone that understands 🙂

  9. Had to stop using this drink mix. It caused me to have abnormal menstrual cycles.

  10. This supplement caused me to have explosive diarrhea.

  11. I was given the trial package by a friend who didn’t like the flavor, and have been using it regularly for about a month now. I’m a cyclist but haven’t used it in races, but as an afternoon pick-me-up it serves the purpose well. The ‘focus’ talked about probably comes from the ginko biloba, which can also be picked up as a supplement. Besides that, caffeine is not in a large amount and there are plenty of B vitamins and no/low sugar. The powder has Sucralose but that doesn’t bother me. I’ve had no crash issues like I do when I turn to the company’s Coke fountain during an afternoon lull.

    So I probably won’t sign up for it myself – my diet is healthy enough and includes foods with quercetin and plenty of natural vitamins and antioxidants – but it’s been worth the price I paid for it, though the lemon-lime power drink looks like glow-in-the-dark toxic waste and I get stopped frequently when walking back from the lunch room with it. Now I just say “no, it’s not anti-freeze” when someone sees me.

  12. This stuff has an absolute disgusting taste.

  13. Not effective at all, 5 hour energy kicks FRS butt.

  14. I’m going ahead and say that the diarrhea was caused by the sucralose. I mean, if you don’t normally drink ANY caffeine I suppose that may have caused it, but you said explosive. That points to the sucralose. I know several people that have the same reaction to this artificial sugar and both my mother and I had wicked issues with it (in and out of doctor’s offices for months before realizing sucralose was the culprit).

    Looks like I won’t be trying FRS. I kind of like the Steaz energy drink myself. I don’t usually go in for energy drinks but sometimes I can’t look at another cup of coffee you know? And as usual, it looks like opinion regarding the flavor is a personal thing…sounds like you either love it or hate it!

  15. Wow. I’m shocked by all the negativity. But then again, I realize not everything works for everybody. For me personally though, I have been taking Advocare’s Spark right before my workouts and didn’t really notice anything “sparking”…but my husband who is a big Lance Armstrong fan, decided to try the free samples of FRS. He never did. The samples just sat around here for whatever reason..but then…I went exploring. And all I can say is this, my workouts have magnified in intensity by leaps and bounds. Not only am I able to do 40 minutes of cardio, leg strength training and then a bootcamp class all in one evening but I feel alive and awake for most part of a the day. I love FRS and am a loyal user of their products.

    I have tried the concentrate, the powder mix and the chews. The chews are a waste of time for me. I don’t notice any significant boost. But the concentrate and powder mixes are magical.

    My husband doesn’t like the product as much as Advocare’s Spark. To each his own.

  16. A brief report, not on the product, but on the sales strategy. I accepted the “free trial” not knowing I had signed up for recurring monthly shipments. After seeing the surprise on my credit card, and after receiving no shipments, I called FRS, which has agreed to refund me in full. So, they appear to be learning from the “scam” accusations.

  17. Read all the current research out of University of South Carolina and Appalachian State (funded by US Army)The way quercetin works is Totally different than other energy drinks. It up-regulates the number of mitochondria in muscle cells and neurons – but it takes about a week to feel the full effect and it can cause an incredible doubling of mito in mice in about a week. That is why you do not feel an energy rush like caffeine. Unfortunately it takes about 1000 mg/day in a 70 – 100 kg person to get the same dosage as the mice. Solid science behind this product even if expensive. Do your own research!! Also quercetin from places like GNC are not water soluble and are poorly absorbed in the small intestine – again do your own research and do not expect a “buzz.” Chemist/Physiologist
    Wish I could afford it… works for me. Can stretch its bioavailability by adding 500 mg of another brand – but, cannot vouch for its absorption.

  18. @Peter

    Thanks for the insight!

  19. Ron on February 13th, 2008

    Like Lance knows anything about science of sports drinks…

    Like you know anything about what Lance Armstrong does or doesn’t know….

  20. @JustCurious

    Ron is one smart guy, he’s just having a little fun here 😀

  21. I definitely have more endurance on the road (cycling) after having started FRS – I don’t think the changes are noticeable unless you are monitoring daily energy output. You aren’t gonna feel charged like you would after caffeine or taurine – the energy is healthy, one shouldn’t expect a bigger increase in energy if you aren’t eating the right foods and getting 8 hours of sleep – there’s no supplement for these basic needs.

  22. @Lee

    Well said. That’s a lot like my experience with FRS over the past couple years.

  23. @ Azzy

    I am a graduate from App State and just because we are not a big name university doesn’t mean our staff and students can’t put out quality research!! By the way….where did you go to school? And if you answer with some big name…it doesn’t mean that all the research from that school is reputable. Also, we got indoor plumbing at App State right before I graduated. My parents were so happy that my tuition actually provided something positive with the school!! LOL!

  24. Interestingly, if you number the letters of the alphabet 1 to 26 and then use use the arithmetic progression F-2^0 R-2^1 S-2^2 you get how Lance stopped being tired and won so many Tour de France!!

  25. I like it. Just finished the first bottle of “free trial” and waiting for the first bill and shipment as I want to continue. I noticed focus and a consistent higher energy level through the day. It is not like a “high” that makes me want to come home after a day at the office and rearrange all the furniture. It is more like I feel good – I never felt bad but I feel “more good” than before and think perhaps the results one has in part depend on how much one might have needed the supplements. And, I don’t think it tastes bad.

  26. Save your money and go buy some apples. One a day will do the trick and you’ll save yourself the hassle that some have had to deal with when they “took advantage” of the “free” offer.

  27. I won’t assume that everyone who seeks out these “supplementary energy drinks” is not on a quality diet but, if you put as much time into researching what a quality diet is and add a normal exercise routine with it, you’ll get better results. A quality diet and exercise are sustainable for a lifetime, things like FRS, Mona-via and such are not. Don’t waste your money on something you won’t or can’t do long term.

  28. I love this drink when i mix it with vodka i can’t even taste the alcohol… I could tell i had a lot more energy!

  29. Well, this stuff must be good only for normally healthy people. I have fibromyalgia and am always on the hunt for something to increase my energy and decrease recovery time. This stuff is not it! In fact I took only one dose of the liquid and within a few hours crashed for two days. So I would not recommend it for FMers.

  30. Pros: Prolonged focus and energy throughout the day. Actually healthy for you!! Tastes good, but some flavors take some getting used to..I only drink the orange but have tried them all. Originally developed for chemotherapy patients so they could have more energy during treatment periods, I am a survivor. Found out through Lance’s endorsement, but I would use it anyway if he didnt endorse it. Good science and started by a Harvard Business student.

    Cons: The low-cal versions have artificial sweetners, I dont understand why they bother considering the regular only has 90 calories, maybe to make it more marketable?? The chews dont do anything for me.
    I do martial arts 4 days a week in the evenings and work full-time. In the spring and summer I cycle, mountain bike, and hike. A few of my jiu jitsu buddies tried FRS and they loved it. Overall the regular version is worth buying and using regularly.

  31. My husband was diagnosed with Cancer in July 2012. Yesterday he was not able to get out of bed due to side effects of cheotherapy. He drank an FRS drink that I purchased at Wal-Mart this morning. If all of these people who have replied negatively about the FREE trail are so unhappy, they need to remember it was free. I bought some for my husband to try. If it gives him energy, or even makes him think it does, thank God. It is worth it. I will updaate you to let you know how he does. Another treatment coming up on Thursday…

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