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deep recovery whole body kit massage track

Foam rollers and other tools are great, but don’t you sometimes miss the ability of a good old lacrosse ball to provide pressure at a pinpoint location? They’re so versatile. But… they can also be messy, rolling around rather than staying in place. And sometimes they’re too dense and firm (while a tennis ball isn’t firm enough…)

The Deep Recovery Whole Body Kit (formerly the “Massage Track”) fixes all that. This kit contains massage balls along with a special “track” that keeps them in position during your treatment. The massage balls come in different sizes and densities, so you can always find the right one for a specific body part.

The Massage Track

There are two parts to the massage kit: the Body Track and the Neck Track (both pictured below).

deep recovery body track and neck track

The body track is a 4-column “track” where you can place the balls in columns. Think of it like a railroad track or a Hot Wheels type of track, but made for massage balls rather than little race cars.

This low-profile base keeps the balls in line, so they don’t go rolling everywhere. It’s just enough of a helper to keep the balls in place, yet allows them to move just enough to be effective.

The neck track is taller, made so you can lie flat on your back and keep your neck at a natural angle. It doesn’t allow much movement of the balls, which makes sense, because your neck isn’t very big. It’s also double-sided so you can either allow a little ball movement, or none at all.

The Balls

The balls come in a variety of sizes (different diameters) and densities. Whatever suits your body, they probably have it.

deep recovery massage track

The kit came with four pairs of balls, all color-coded and in mesh bags.

The blue balls are very soft; they must be designed for absolute beginners or delicate body parts. The green balls are also relatively soft. Personally I haven’t found a use for either of them.

You can see how I can press in on the soft foam balls with my thumb.

deep recovery massage track

The yellow and orange balls are the hard ones. They both seem to be the same density, but the orange ones are a smaller diameter than the rest.

The yellow balls are the most similar to lacrosse balls. They’re very firm.

If you already do self-massage, or self myofascial release (SMR), you probably only need the firmer yellow and orange balls.

One step before you begin…

If you read the instructions, you’ll find that you need to wash the tracks and some of the balls before use. There is a mold release coating on the rubber (just like on new bicycle tires), so you should wash them before use.

I washed the items as per the instructions. There’s not much difference. Some of the track still has the waxy coating on it, as if you need a Brillo pad to clean it!

That’s my only complaint. I’ve never had massage tools that need this thorough of a cleaning before use!

Self-massage on the Massage Track

How well does it work?

deep recovery massage track

I must say, it works as intended!

I can use my choice of self-massage techniques without worry of the balls rolling across the floor. With the Massage Track, everything goes smoothly.

What all body parts does it work for? Everything. It’s especially great for your back and neck, and very useful for your quads and hamstrings, too.

Let’s learn how to use it!

Be prepared to watch their instructional videos. It’s not something you want to just mess with and end up hurting yourself. I’m familiar with self-massage tools and techniques and I needed to review their how-to’s and tutorials!

A DVD is included, and there are also some video tutorials, which I’ll share here.

This is a good video demonstrating techniques for your upper and lower back:

And here are some techniques where you can use the mesh tote bags to hold the balls in place:

These mesh tote bags are fantastic! You can use the mesh tote bags as a way to hold the balls together and roll over them.

So even without the Body Track or Neck Track, you can get a good massage. Just get the sets of balls that come in the mesh bags.

Product Comparisons

We’ve already mentioned lacrosse balls. How do these Deep Recovery products compare to other popular massage tools?

Massage Track vs Moji

Overall, the Massage Track is noticeably different than the Moji massage line. The Moji tools use smaller balls, and the tools are pressed and rolled against your body. (The exception is perhaps the Moji Foot Pro that sits on floor.)

Moji makes all-purpose tools great for working entire body parts, and I highly recommend them. But if you want to dig into a specific trigger point, you might prefer a lacrosse ball (and Massage Track) instead.

Massage Track vs RadRoller

These two products are very similar. The yellow balls are about the same size and firmness as the black RadRoller, and if you put the balls together in the mesh bag, the overall shape is nearly identical to the RadRoller.

Overall the RadRoller would be a little less versatile than the Massage Track, but cheaper and more easily transported.

Massage Track vs Yoga Tune Up

While attending the NEPA Yoga Fest in 2018, I took a session led by Meredith Hutter who had us using “Yoga Tune Up” balls. These balls are nearly identical to the balls that come with the Massage Track. They have a similarly grippy texture, and they come in the same style mesh bags.

Both seem to be quality products.

Massage Track vs A Foam Roller

What makes the Massage Track system better than a foam roller? The fact that you can pinpoint one specific location. It allows you to place targeted pressure just about anywhere on your body.

Foam rollers can’t do that.

Sure, the Rumble Roller can dig in, but it digs in everywhere, not just one specific location. It can be too intense for most people.

My final verdict is…

The Massage Track is totally awesome. The Body Track, Neck Track, and the balls are all highly-recommended. If you frequently need to practice self myofascial release, and regular lacrosse balls and/or a RAD Roller aren’t cutting it, add the Massage Track to your collection.

Keep in mind, it’s expensive. For the whole-body kit like I got, the retail price is $153.99. You could get a Moji Mini massager, a RadRoller, and a couple lacrosse balls for less than half that price!

Official website: www.DeepRecovery.com

Buy online: www.Amazon.com

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