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moji foot pro

The Moji 360 Mini is one of the greatest massage tools ever invented. It works on every part of your body, from your back and shoulders to your calves and feet. I wrote a glowing review years ago, and it still amazes me to this day.

Recently, the Moji Foot PRO was released. It’s another awesome Moji massager, dedicated to your feet.

The beauty of this one is that it simply sits on the floor and you roll your foot over it. No hands!

Sitting at your desk typing up a training protocol, massage your feet. Sitting on the couch watching TV, massage your feet.

It utilizes a heavy, slip-resistant base so it stays put.

I’ve been doing tons of hiking and trail running lately, and this is so nice to casually roll my sore feet over! I just leave it under my desk and when the mood strikes, I massage my feet!

At first, I was skeptical. I figured rolling a tennis ball or golf ball underfoot would be just as good. But all it took was one day for me to realize how useful this Moji Foot truly is!

It’s so simple yet so versatile.

It almost sounds too simple – put it on the floor and roll your feet over top of it.

Even better, it’s easiest if you are sitting down!

But wow does it work! You can roll all parts of your feet, from your big toe down to your heel. And you can use a lot of pressure, too. Push down hard and the spheres dig deep into muscle and tissues to relieve pain and break up scar tissue. (It won’t slip, slide, creak, or crack.) Push lightly and the sensation is relaxing and revitalizing.

levi using moji foot pro

The only thing it can’t do is pull on or squeeze your toes. You’ll still need a masseuse for that. Otherwise, it’s capable! Effleurage, petrissage, cross-friction, and trigger point techniques are all possible!

So yeah, it’s a hundred times better than rolling your foot on a golf ball or tennis ball! This won’t slip out from underneath your foot, even if you’re massaging the edges of your heel. It’s a total hands-off solution.

levi using moji foot pro

I love getting right up on the inner side of my arch. Oooohhhhhhhh the relief!

Trouble with plantar fasciitis? You’ll really love this!

You can do this:

And much like foam rolling, it can be part of a pre-race warmup, or just use it as a wonderful way to start your day!

Oh, yeah – if you need to relieve some pain from a foot injury, or simply cool down on a hot summer day, you can do a chilled massage!

Yep, the stainless steel massage spheres allow for a chilled massage. Place the Moji Foot PRO into the freezer for 15-20 minutes and then enjoy a refreshing ice massage! (Without any ice to melt and get the floor all wet.)

moji foot pro in freezer

My only concern with the chilled massage is condensation on the metal rollers. The balls on my Moji 360 Mini started to get a little surface rust, and I think it was from being left in a damp gym bag. Sweaty gym clothes will be more corrosive than plain water, but still, I’m going to make sure this thing dries out completely after any chilled massages!

For the best experience, it’s always most comfortable if you’re wearing thin socks for the massage. Bare feet don’t roll as well, and thick socks take away from the sensation. (Especially important to wear socks if the metal is ice cold!)

If some gross person rubs their bare feet on it, it’s easily cleaned with an alcohol wipe. Just let it air dry and it’s good as new.

I can’t complain.

While I found a couple very minor issues with the full-size Moji 360 massager, the Foot PRO is a lot like the 360 Mini in that I can’t complain! It’s excellent!

It’s rock solid, totally quiet, durable, and still rolling smooth.

And as nicely as the balls roll, the unit itself doesn’t budge. I typically have mine on one of those plastic desk chair mats, and it always stays put. Same deal on the living room carpet.

If you have freshly waxed (or slightly dusty) hardwood floors, maybe it would slip if you really tried, but I haven’t had that experience.

All I will say is that it’s not cheap! It will cost you $39.99 for the PRO version with stainless steel balls. That’s not outrageous, but it seems high when the oh-so-nice Moji Mini PRO is only $30!

You could get the travel version.

There’s also a plastic version which is lighter and better for traveling, and you’ll save $10 too (it’s $29.99.)

It has mostly the same functionality, but uses yellow plastic spheres rather than stainless steel.

The travel version weighs 0.4 lb while the pro version weighs 1.1 lb – a savings of 3/4 lb.

I like the color, but the lighter base won’t be as stable, and you lose out on the chilled massage.

So unless you need a lighter version because you’ll carry it around in your purse all the time, it’s worth the extra $10 to get the PRO version. I think you’d be better off paying $40 than paying $30. (Amazon carries the travel version if you want to go do a hands-on comparison.)

If price is a big issue, just stick to the Moji Mini.

moji foot pro under desk

My final verdict is…

This thing is a great foot massager! It’s well worth it if you 1) really like foot massages and 2) have extra money burning a hole in your pocket.

Personally I could get by with just the Moji Mini since I only massage my feet occasionally. But now that I have this, I massage my feet daily! If you have Plantar fasciitis, or chronically sore feet from running, you’ll really love it. Basically, it would be next to impossible to regret the purchase!

Official website: www.GoMoji.com

Buy online: www.Amazon.com

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  1. Nice socks!

  2. Levi,

    Samantha here with Moji. Thank you so much for taking the time out to review our new Moji Foot Pro. We are happy you love it and are finding relief. I wanted to let you know the old Moji Mini 360 massage spheres were made of “chrome plated steel” that is where the flaking and rusting will come into play.

    Our new line launch in March 2015 (including the Moji Mini Pro) will be made with stainless steel spheres. So, you will not have those issues mentioned above when you freeze it.


    The Moji Team

    • @Samantha

      Thanks for the clarification! I guess I assumed they were always the same steel. The stainless steel spheres are a worthwhile improvement, then!

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