The one leg box hop is like a step-up, except with more force.

Step 1: Stand in front of a knee-high box, placing your left foot on top of the box, your right foot on the floor.

Step 2: Drive your body upward by pressing down with your left foot (which is on top of the box.)

Your right foot will come off the ground, and ideally, you’ll spring up off the box a few inches.

The goal is to jump straight up. Don’t veer to either side (which could happen if your core is weak.) It helps to keep your head and torso upright and straight.

Step 3: Land with your feet in the same configuration, i.e. left foot on top of the box and right foot on the ground.

Repeat 10-20 times, then switch legs. (Right foot on top of the box, left foot on the ground.)

One Leg Box Hop video:

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