The lateral jump has you jumping up into the air, but also to the sides (i.e. laterally.) This is great for strengthening your muscles because when running or cycling, you rarely move laterally.

Imagine that you are doing a squat jump, but with the goal to move laterally. Your form will be like the form used during a squat jump, except you’ll jump and swing your arms sideways.

Step 1: Stand like you’re going to do a squat. Feet should be shoulder width apart, hands in front of your chest.

Step 2: Squat down by pushing your butt back and swing your arms downward in the same movement. Just like the squat jump, except you’ll angle your arms slightly to the right. (This sets you up to jump left.)

Step 3: Immediately explode upward and left from the squat position, with the goal being to jump somewhat high, but also laterally. (You should be able to jump 2-3 feet laterally.)

Instead of going straight up, you’ll swing your arms to the left, which will throw your lower body to the left as well.

Step 4: Land on both feet. Immediately squat down, with your arms to the left a bit. This time, explode upward and jump to the right.

Continue jumping left, right, left, etc.

Sometimes it helps to have a small cardboard box, cone, or log to hop over.

Lateral Jump video:

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