The box jump is like a squat jump, but instead of just jumping up, you are jumping up and landing on a tall box.

Step 1: Stand like you’re going to do a squat. Feet should be shoulder width apart, hands in front of your chest. You need to have a box or ledge in front of you. (The box should be 12-48″ tall, depending on your experience level.)

Step 2: Squat down by pushing your butt back and swing your arms downward in the same movement. (The arm swing is important, don’t neglect it like most people do!)

Step 3: Immediately explode upward from the squat position, with the goal being to jump just high enough to get your feet onto the box or ledge. Reach up with your arms to get more height.

Step 4: Step back down to the starting position, or lightly jump down from the box. (Jumping back down can be hard on your body, so be careful.)


Box Jump video:

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