Here comes the age old question about getting in shape and losing weight when you have a busy schedule…

Hello, I am an avid cyclist often cycling 20 miles a day 5 days a week primarily on the road. However not only do I want to increase my fitness levels but also lose around 3 stone in weight, I work nights and would like to know where to look for advice on nutritional and dietary intake and how best to maintain a fitness routine given my work patterns.
– Sherrie

Hi Sherrie,

Let me start with my basic nutrition advice, which is the same for almost everyone: eat a diet composed of mostly unprocessed foods, with plenty of fruits and vegetables.

It’s a simple concept, but i can be hard to adjust to it if you are used to processed foods that come out of bags and boxes ready to eat. But try it for a week and you’ll realize it’s worth it!

As for more sources of nutrition information, there are a couple things which have interested me lately.

First, the book Lose Fat, Not Faith by Jeremy Likness. It’s about $18 at and it’s worth it just for the Nutrition chapter. It’s not revolutionary information, but good, solid, time-tested information.

If that sounds interesting, check out my review of Lose Fat, Not Faith by clicking here.

Second, I have found another nutrition expert – Jonny Bowden. I haven’t picked up his books yet, but I thought this interview with him was great, and really showed his expertise.

Third, the ultimate source for crafting the ideal diet plan, Precision Nutrition. It’s not cheap, but if you’re serious about getting healthy, there’s no substitute.

Moving on to fitness training… No matter what your schedule is, the key is to pick a time you can commit to working out, and get in the habit of doing it. Even if it’s just 15 minutes each day, block out the time, and do it. It’s hard to start a new habit, but easy to keep it going once it’s part of your routine.

Since you work nights, the only thing that really changes is the time on the clock. While some people may get up extra early at 5:00 AM to workout before going in to work, you might get up early at 7:00 PM to get in a workout before work. Don’t use “night shift” as an excuse to be lazy!

I’ve touched on this before and linked to a few related articles in this article:

“How to Get Energized – For Free!” You might enjoy that one, too.

Best of luck!

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