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Mother’s Day is a day to say thanks to your mom, for raising you, and thanks to all moms, because they do so much for the good of everyone!

Mother’s Day 2019 is coming up on Sunday, May 12. That’s only three weeks away!

It’s time to shop! For your mom, or your wife, or a friend.

If you’re shopping for a fit (and fabulous) mom, or even a competitive endurance athlete mom, you want to choose the right gift. Here are seven different options, at least one will be perfect for your mom!

woman in sheex sleepwear

SHEEX Women’s Performance Sleepwear

Skip the lingerie. Try something different this year! Try performance sleepwear!

SHEEX uses fancy technology to create the coolest, silkiest sleepwear that provides unmatched comfort for every woman. Each garment offers super-soft comfort, maximum breathability, and amazing moisture-wicking and temperature-control qualities – which will help her sleep better.

The line includes a variety of options, so there’s surely something for the woman on your list. The prices aren’t bad, either – you could put together a wonderful sleep outfit with a $21 top and $12 shorts!

bags of epsoak epsom salts

Epsoak Epsom Salt (by the San Francisco Salt Company)

I don’t find a whole lot of guys raving about soaking in a bath. I’m not really into it, unless I know I need to for recovery purposes.

But the female athletes I know, they like to take baths for recovery, relaxation, and enjoyment! They can’t get enough. So, help them to recover from workouts and enjoy a luxurious bath at the same time!

The San Francisco Salt Company offers an entire line of bath salts, but for the fitness-minded mom, opt for something from the Epsoak or Epsoak Sport section.

(I’ve reviewed the Epsoak line myself, and had some female friends try out the Epsoak Sport line, and we all agreed that it’s top-notch stuff.)

headsweats race hat

“See Mom Run” Race Hat (by Headsweats)

Headsweats did something cool by creating the “Just for Moms” collection.

But these aren’t novelty items – they are real Headsweats hats, which means they’ll keep sweat out of her eyes. And she’ll be very thankful for that!

My personal favorite is the “See Mom Run” race hat, in pink, for $23. (To get one for your mom, you need to select this logo, then scroll through the “choose your hat” section, and choose “race hat – hot pink.”)

fabletics grip tote gym bag

A Stylish New Gym Bag

Women love their bags. But their purse probably isn’t great for toting workout gear. And most gym bags are out of place if they’re carried anywhere but the gym.

So, find a stylish option!

Athleta sells the Get to Work gym bag for $79, which is pretty simple and stylish. I personally prefer the design of The Grip Tote from Fabletics, which is potentially cheaper, but requires a Fabletics membership.

If you’re spending over $100, this one from lululemon is really nice! It has just the right amount of pockets to keep clothes organized and prevent a hot curling iron from burning the rest of your gear! Lululemon definitely did their research here.

bags of the new primal chicken jerky

The New Primal Pasture Raised Chicken Jerky (Date and Rosemary Flavor)

The jerky market has been dominated with beef, masculine packaging, and marketing to target men. Now, The New Primal is shaking things up with the launch of Date and Rosemary Chicken Jerky! It’s AIP friendly, gluten-free, Non-GMO, hormone and antibiotic-free, no added sugar, soy-free, Paleo-friendly, and made from free-range chicken.

This product breaks the masculine mold by blending fruity, light flavors to create a delicious but wholesome protein snack that will keep every woman fueled throughout the day.

Pouches are $7.59 each, or you can purchase multi-packs online.

*I’ve tried this myself and it’s perfectly acceptable for both men and women!

fitness tank top for mom

“Mom Bod” tank top (by SuzySquats)

For the woman who can’t get enough tank tops (and who has a good sense of humor), I present the “Mom Bod” tank top. This is a fun take on the whole “dad bod” trend where it was attractive for men to be soft and flabby.

Find it on Etsy for $23.99.

gift certificate for 60 minute massage

Gift Certificate for a Massage

What do moms deserve the most? A chance to relax and unwind and be pampered!

The best way I know to do that is with a professional massage, so get her a gift certificate for a massage at the nearest spa!

Massage Envy is usually a safe bet, but there are often local places and independent therapists if you look around. Check Google, Yelp, and Angie’s List for reviews, or ask around at the gym.

Sidenote: If the recipient has never received a massage before, she may have questions or be a little uncomfortable. That’s totally normal. You can help by pointing her to the “All About Massage” videos by Kathleen Ammon, a Licensed Massage Therapist who answers all sorts of questions related to massage therapy on Facebook Live!

Don’t forget the card!

Oh and don’t forget the card. That’s where you can write a message about how important your mom is and how much you love her!

For your wife, something like this “You Make My Heart Race” card on Etsy would be perfect!

Happy Mother’s Day!


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