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the new primal chicken jerky in backpack

There’s a new jerky company out there called The New Primal – sounds like a great choice if you’re new to the primal diet!

They offer high-quality beef jerky, as well as turkey jerky, and now, chicken jerky. This latest offering is Pasture Raised Chicken Jerky (Date and Rosemary Flavor).

You don’t see this very often. I’ve had turkey jerky, but not chicken jerky. And I’ve never found jerky in a lavender package (Krave has a purple one, so that’s pretty close, but not quite).

What’s going on?

This particular jerky is aimed at females (re: lavender packaging and softer, upscale flavor). That seems to be one of the new trends in jerky – catering to a female audience. The other trend toward grass-fed and/or free-range meats certainly helps here, too.

The funny thing is, I don’t know any women who pass up beef jerky because it’s too bold or too masculine. Most women I know are avid hikers, mountain bikers, and/or rock climbers (a.k.a total badasses). They don’t need a dainty jerky or any different packaging.

Regardless, this is an interesting snack, and I want to try it!

the new primal date rosemary chicken jerky

My first-ever chicken jerky

I’ve had turkey jerky before. I reviewed the Pure Provisions turkey jerky when it came out, and I’ve actually had the classic turkey jerky from The New Primal (it was incredible!).

Seriously. The New Primal’s classic turkey jerky is one of my favorite jerkys. The meat is amazing, perfectly soft and tender, and it has a traditional flavor you’d expect for jerky.

So I knew the company made a quality product.

Now let’s take a closer look at the chicken jerky…

the new primal chicken jerky ingredients label

Less than 10 ingredients!

Here’s what the jerky is Made WITH:

Pasture Raised Chicken, Date Syrup, Pineapple Juice, Apple Cider Vinegar, Rosemary, Ginger, Garlic, Sea Salt, and Lemon Juice

Here’s what the jerky is Made WITHOUT:

Artificial Preservatives, Gluten, Added Sugars, Soy, Antibiotics or Added Hormones

That’s awesome! You have high-quality meat (an obvious necessity), some natural sweeteners, and then loads of natural flavor!

Fortunately the date syrup and pineapple juice don’t add much sugar – just 4 grams per serving. (Note: Two servings per bag.)

Overall, in a whole bag, you get 120 calories, 2g fat, 10g carbs (8g sugar), and 12g protein. That’s a pretty good mix for a regular snack, and an excellent mix for a snack consumed during activity (such as hiking or biking).

It’s sweet, savory, refreshing, and satisfying!

When you open the bag, it smells fresh like an herb garden.

And that sensation carries over to the taste. Let me attempt to break it down…

a small piece of the new primal chicken jerky

It’s a subdued flavor that’s sweet and refreshing. It starts with a mild sweetness from the date syrup, and I could even taste a little bit of pineapple flavor. Then you encounter the rosemary as the most prominent flavor – luckily, they used just the right amount. Too much rosemary would almost certainly be overwhelming.

The experience is intriguing. With that sweet and savory flavor, there is so much for your taste buds to experience, that it ends up being very satiating and satisfying. Once you have a piece, it’s sort of like you’re content and don’t need to eat more. (Where as teriyaki jerky, for example, you want to stuff your face!)

a big piece of the new primal chicken jerky

Every piece was soft and tender – none of those dry or hard or stringy pieces like you sometimes find in beef jerky.

(Personally I prefer bold and spicy, but I’m not the target market here.)

If you’re not sure what to think, pick up a sampler pack: https://www.amazon.com/New-Primal-Classic-Flavors-Sampler/

What’s the best time to eat The New Primal jerky?

Thanks to the savory, refreshing flavor, and being able to go through the bag slowly, I think this makes a perfect snack to keep at your desk. Since you would probably only eat one piece at a time, the bag would last the whole day!

On a bike ride, I don’t want something I have to eat slowly. So this might not be the flavor I want to carry on an endurance ride.

When I’m hiking, though, that’s not a bad thing. So this would work well for hiking or backpacking trips. And with the thin, slim packaging, it would be easy to carry in your backpack.

Is it affordable?

Good jerky is expensive. But so is crappy jerky. So if you’re going to buy jerky, buy the good stuff!

The price of this is $7.59 per pouch. That’s not cheap by any means, but it is less expensive than some other high-end jerky, and it might even be better quality!

woman hiker with the new primal chicken jerky

My final verdict is…

The New Primal gets a great overall rating. Their classic turkey jerky is amazing – you have to try it!!

This chicken jerky is pretty good. It’s cool to have it once, but it’s not going to be a staple in my diet. Still, it’s a good gift because the recipient has probably never tried it before!

Official website: www.TheNewPrimal.com

Buy online: www.Amazon.com

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