Sick of your reflectors taking up space, but you want to stay reflective?

Ditch Your Reflectors For Reflective Tape

Instead of using those unsightly reflectors that shops are required to put on the bikes they sell, get yourself some silver reflective tape.

It’s light, looks good, and doesn’t get in the way when truing wheels.

I like to put it on my seatpost, seatstays, spokes, and especially crankarms and pedals.

Cranks and pedals are great because they are spinning, and that makes it easier for cars to notice you.

reflective tape on bike

The brand pictured is stuff from 3M. I got mine on eBay since I was having a hard time finding silver. (Yellow is easy to find in most stores, but it doesn’t match most paint jobs.)

(Note: If you aren’t worried about style points, feel free to use all the reflectors you can fit on your bike.)

You can also find specialty reflective tapes and stickers made for your bike. Check out VeloSight for example.

Pros and Cons of Reflectors:

Cheap. You probably got them for free with your bike.

They work.


They can break in a crash.

They add weight.

They get in the way.

Pros and Cons of Reflective Tape:


Can be applied anywhere.

Does not get in the way.

Stylish. You can get colors that match your bike.


They’re a little more expensive.

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