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velosight reflective bike decals

Want to “get noticed” when you’re out riding your bike?

Even if you’re shy and introverted, the answer is probably yes, because getting noticed means less chance of getting run over!

Unfortunately, it also means you lose style points. Hi-vis vests and strips of reflective tape aren’t the most stylish accents. So you have to compromise your style if you want to stay safe.

That’s about to change though, because of a new company called Velosight (tag line “get noticed”)! They are making reflective decals in a variety of colors that can actually make your bike look better AND safer at the same time.

The idea isn’t new – I’ve written about adding reflective tape to your bike before, to help you stay safe on dark, rainy days.

The problem with standard reflective tape is that it only comes in one color – silver. And you either use it in ordinary, rectangular strips, or you spend lots of time with an X-acto knife, painstakingly cutting it into custom shapes.

Both those problems are fixed thanks to Velosight!

They are pre-cut in fun designs.

You can choose all sorts of different shapes to suit your personal style or existing design of your bike.

I thought the chain links were interesting, and my personal favorite would have to be the lightning bolts, but I wasn’t sure where I could fit them on any of my bikes!

velosight reflective bicycle decals

If you want to go with a pattern, the honeycomb is super cool, and the hex key shape (pictured above) is quite versatile, too.

Choose from a variety of colors to match or accent your bike.

Even better, and what really caught my attention, is the fact that these come in 11 different colors. You’re no longer stuck with silver!

velosight decals color comparison chart

That shows the different colors 1) under normal lighting conditions and 2) when light is shining on them.

My immediate thought was, it would be really cool to get the decals in the same color as your bike or helmet! That would give you sort of a stealth look… until a light shines on them!

For example, you could put black decals on a black bike. It wouldn’t even be noticeable under daylight. But you’d have the extra safety of reflective decals!

The other colors would be harder to match, but you can choose red, green, blue, purple, gold, etc. (The Velosight website provides more ideas for inspiration right here.)

Since I have a white bike with silver accents, I opted for the basic white/silver color option:

velosight reflective bicycle decals

I put a Velosight “V” logo on the seat tube to start with.

But… backing up a step, here are the decals in their packaging:

velosight reflective decals packaging

That’s one standard size kit ($12.99) and two mini kits ($3.99 each). There are quite a few decals in the standard kit, and the mini kits are excellent if you want different designs and/or different colors. The mini kits are probably the way to go for most people with just one or two bikes.

It’s more gray/silver than white/silver.

Here are my decals under normal daylight:

velosight reflective decals silver gray

And here they are with my camera flash (simulating car headlights):

velosight reflective decals white silver

It’s basically your standard reflective tape color.

Chain links on the chain stay!

This was my genius idea:

velosight reflective bicycle decals

The length of chain links does look pretty cool right there.

Another neat thing about the chain links is that the center dots also work on their own!

velosight reflective bicycle decals

Look at all those leftovers!

So, I put reflective decals on my helmet.

Here’s my white Giro helmet, which has reflective lettering on the side, but nothing reflective on the front.

Well, it used to not have anything reflective on the front. Now it does!

velosight reflective bike helmet decals

Admittedly, I didn’t line up the dots very well, but I think there is potential to do something really neat!

What all can you do with these reflective bicycle decals?

They’re not just for bicycles anymore!

Here’s where you could put them:

  • Bicycle (frame)
  • Rims
  • Helmet
  • Nalgene water bottle
  • Roof racks and hitch racks
  • Snowboard
  • Trekking poles

Anywhere you need to increase visibility!

They’re easy to apply.

The application process couldn’t be simpler. Just clean the surface you’re going to apply to, peel off the decal, apply where you want it, and smooth it out.


The decals hardly stick to your fingers, but once you apply them on your bike, they stick!

Quality is excellent.

They use engineer-grade reflective material from 3M, so you know it’s legit!

The decals feel thick and sturdy, like they will last for years. I have similar 3M reflective tape on some old bike parts that’s probably close to ten years old, and it’s still holding up!

Take a look at these close ups. First, the sharp edges of the hex key pattern:

hexkey velosight reflective decals

And the smooth sides on the chain:

bike chain velosight reflective decals

I also want to point out that the shipping was totally professional. While inferior operations might ship these sheets out in plain envelopes, Velosight ships in boxes, ensuring your decals arrive in pristine condition.

It’s a nice touch.

Plus, these are made in the USA!

What about regular reflective tape?

It’s no secret that you can buy rolls of reflective tape. It’s been around a long time. And it’s relatively inexpensive – a 3′ roll is less than $7.

However, you can only get silver. And if you want any sort of design, you have to cut it yourself.

With the Velosight reflective bicycle decals, you pay a little bit more, but the decals will be easier to work with and more stylish.

velosight reflective bicycle decals

My final verdict is…

Overall, these are simple, yet awesome. My only complaint is that I wish they had a true white sticker, rather than this grayish one, to exactly match my white bike. Aside from that, I would highly recommend getting yourself a pack (or two) of these!

Official website: www.VelosightDecals.com

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  1. Have you been testing the colored ones Coach?

  2. I ride in all weather here in Germany. I’ve been hit by cars twice. With each hit, I add more reflective tape and lights to my bike and my helmet. I now look like a Christmas tree, but I don’t care. I don’t need style points, just a safe ride. I think the pre-cut designs are great if it gets more riders to use reflective tape. Now I am covered very well at night and I only wear a yellow jacket or shirt.

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