To make the regular split squat even harder, you can do it with the rear leg elevated. This is known as the Bulgarian split squat.

This is a tough exercise (since it focuses on one leg at a time,) but it’s not as demanding as the pistol squat.

bulgarian split squat

Step 1: Start by standing with feet shoulder width apart, like you’re going to do a squat. But this time, there should be a bench a couple feet behind you. Lift one leg and place it so that your toes are on the bench.

bulgarian split squat

Step 2: Lower your body as you would during a regular squat. Your front leg is doing the work, and your back leg is there only for balance.

Keep your back straight and abs tight.

Then push back up to the starting position.

Do at least two sets of these squats, alternating the back/raised leg each set.

*Even though I put this in the Bodyweight Exercise section, I feel it is easier to do this exercise while holding a couple light dumbbells.

Bulgarian Split Squat video:

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  1. From my personal experience I have just 1 advice regarding bulgarian split squat – start with fairly light weights – the microtrauma induced by this exercise can feel like major surgical rearrangement of your muscle fibers the day after you try it for the first time.

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