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Tested: Mad Rock Phoenix Climbing Shoe

Looking for an entry-level rock climbing shoe that’s super comfortable? The Mad Rock Phoenix might be the shoe for you. It uses a simple design, neutral color scheme, real leather, lace up design, and a low price (retail is $75.) They actually look a lot like a street shoe. To me that sounds like an […]

Tested: Oskri Coconut Bar

When the number of new energy bars becomes too much to handle, it’s good to have friends who know your tastes. Fortunately, one of my best friends is just as dedicated to finding healthy energy bars as I am, and he tipped me off to something called the Oskri Coconut Bar. They were on sale […]

Why I Got The Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification (And Why It Might Be Right For You)

This past December, I completed my Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification. I’ve since had a few questions about it, so let’s talk about that today. I’ll share my experience taking the course, explain why I decided to do it in the first place, and answer questions like “who is it for?” and “should I enroll […]

Tested: Five Ten Rogue Shoe

It’s a popular climbing shoe for good reason. It’s comfortable all day, priced right, and the rubber is as sticky as can be. I’m talking about the Five Ten Rogue. For seasoned climbers, it’s probably a boring shoe. But for beginners, or casual climbers, it has just what you’re looking for. The basic design is […]

How to Show Up for Yoga Class – And Look Like You Belong There!

Years of doing yoga at home might make you supremely confident in your abilities, but it really doesn’t do a whole lot to prepare you for a hot yoga class in a studio… as I learned the hard way! There are a lot of differences between your cozy, moderately warm living room and a hot […]

Amazing Yoga in Pittsburgh, PA

Amazing Yoga is a popular yoga studio with three locations around Pittsburgh – Shadyside, Southside, and Wexford. One day I walked in, signed up for the $25 new student special (two weeks of unlimited classes,) and the rest is history. My first ever class at Amazing Yoga was on Valentine’s Day of all days. It […]

Tested: Salonpas Deep Pain Relieving Gel

I’d heard the name many times before, but I never knew what Salonpas made until finding a recent press release touting their DEEP pain relieving gel. “Deep pain relief? Must be manly stuff! Guess I was wrong.” Because beforehand, I always thought it must be a line of girly salon products! Considering the name, what […]

How to Tell if You Have a Good Spinning Instructor (Does Yours Have These 9 Traits?)

It’s hard to believe how popular indoor cycling has become. Years ago, I thought the Spinning classes only attracted hardcore cyclists who needed some tough, motivational workouts when they finished up in the weight room. As it turns out, tons of people are taking up indoor cycling just for the sake of taking these classes. […]