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Tested: CamelBak Relay Water Filtration Pitcher

Now I can fill my CamelBak from a CamelBak! Thanks to something completely unexpected – the CamelBak Relay Water Filtration Pitcher. Instead of a mundane Brita or PUR filter/pitcher, my kitchen is now outfitted with a fancy new CamelBak pitcher. It actually blends in well, thanks to the numerous CamelBak bottles scattered about. Though surprising […]

Tested: Skout Organic Trailbar

If you like to have your food named for its exact purpose, consider the Skout Organic Trailbar next time you’ll be on a hiking trail. This bar is somewhat new, at least to me here on the East Coast – if you’re closer to Portland, perhaps you’ve known about them for years. Am I excited? […]

How to Shave Your Legs with a Double Edge Safety Razor

There’s a trend right now where men who grew up with cartridge razors are going old school and turning to traditional safety razors for their shaving needs. Probably has something to do with the skyrocketing cost of Gillette’s cartridges! Even I jumped on the bandwagon and bought one of these Double Edge (DE) razors. And […]

The Endurance Athlete’s Guide to Sweet Spot Training (SST)

Sweet Spot Training, or “SST” for short, is one of the newer methodologies used for structuring training for endurance sports. It breaks away from the most traditional method – periodization. It might sound complicated when you first read about it, but in practice, it’s relatively simple and makes a lot of sense, especially if you […]

Tested: Physicool Cooling Bandage

It’s no secret that ice can reduce swelling and inflammation. It’s part of the RICE formula that’s in health and science textbooks around the country. I’d be surprised to find any athlete who hasn’t iced an injury at least once. From ice cubes in a Ziploc bag to special ice packs to in-a-pinch alternatives, there […]

Book Review: The South Asian Health Solution

Though I wasn’t the biggest proponent of The Primal Blueprint, Mark Sisson’s publishing company was kind enough to send me a pre-release copy of their latest release, The South Asian Health Solution by Dr. Ronesh Sinha. Upon receiving the book, my first thought was not “why do I have book aimed at South Asians?” Instead, […]

Tested: REI Merino Wool Hiking Socks

Being a huge fan (and longtime member) of REI, as well as an avid wearer of wool socks, it only made sense for me to purchase some REI brand wool socks. So last year, I got myself some REI Merino Wool Hiking Crew Socks for $12.50. These are your standard, everyday wool hiking socks, suitable […]

The Endurance Athlete’s Guide to Yacon Syrup

Haven’t lost any weight by adding extra coconut oil and red palm oil to your diet? No luck with weight loss pills like green coffee bean extract or garcinia cambogia? Well, have you tried yacon syrup yet? Late last year, Yacon syrup was featured on – you guessed it – the Dr. Oz show as […]

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