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How to Ride Through Any Rock Garden Like a Pro

If you plan to ride on the East Coast, you have to know how to ride through a rock garden. I’ve only been to one location on the entire East Coast that’s devoid of rock gardens. Some places feel like they’re nothing but rock gardens! That’s not to say you won’t encounter rock gardens in […]

How to Navigate a Stream or Water Crossing

Whether you’ll be mixing it up in XC races, or just exploring the vast backcountry trails, you have to know how to ride a stream crossing. If you’re racing, you need to be able to stay on your bike and ride through smoothly, or you’ll waste precious time. If you’re out for an epic ride, […]

The Attack Position

The “attack position.” This is the most important concept in mountain biking. It forms the basis of all the complex maneuvers and techniques that you’ll use to conquer technical trails. Navigating tricky rock gardens, crossing streams and mud puddles, negotiating steep downhills, and hopping logs all begin the same way – in the attack position. […]

Everything You Need to Know About Activity Trackers (Like Which One Is Best For You)

Is it just me or does everyone have some sort of gadget on their wrist or waist nowadays? Back in my day, it was only the elite racers who had serious computing power on their wrists (or handlebars) and straps around their chest. Now, it seems that pretty much everyone out for a jog is […]

Cooking with Coach Levi: How to Cook Brown Rice

Brown rice is an excellent choice of food for endurance athletes. It provides lots of carbs for energy, it’s naturally gluten-free, it fits into any budget, and it’s delicious. There’s only small problem – it’s tricky to cook it just right. Now, if you have a rice cooker, slow cooker, or basic kitchen savvy, you […]

Want a Super Fun, Full-Body Workout? Try an Indoor Rock Climbing Gym.

Even though I grew up surrounded by boulders, and went to college with a handful of experienced climbers from around the country, I never even considered taking rock climbing seriously. I was too busy racing and training, and riding my mountain bike off the tops of boulders, for the thought of climbing up the boulder […]

The Climbing Wall (Pittsburgh)

I’ve made many mistakes over the years. Wearing underwear under my bike shorts, venturing onto a downhill ski resort with my XC skis, and using Olive Garden’s never-ending pasta bowl as a pre-race meal, for example. But few haunt me as much as the time I lived down the street from an indoor rock climbing […]

Tested: Yes4All AccuPoint Foam Roller

Upon first glance, you might think that the Yes4All AccuPoint Roller is a cheaper alternative to the Grid or Rumble Roller. After all, it has the solid PVC core for durability and the foam knobs for a deep massage, at a surprisingly low price. I needed something small and portable for travel, and since I’d […]