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When it comes to cycling, running, and swimming, it’s easy. You just don’t wear any.

But what about gym workouts? Hiking? An ordinary day of hustle and bustle? Why is good underwear so hard to find?

I’ve been researching this question for the past few years, and finding an answer has been a struggle.

Let’s start at the beginning…

What makes good workout underwear?

The right underwear will stay in place, and keep everything else in place, comfortably, all day, no matter what the day throws at you.

I judge underwear on these qualities:

It stays in place.

It has to move with you throughout your daily activities – running, walking, sitting, standing, rock climbing, hiking, etc. It should not bunch up or slide around.

It keeps everything else in place.

Because if it didn’t, what would be the point of underwear?

There is no chafing involved.

The underwear should be smooth and prevent chafing, not cause it. (Watch out for rough seams or seams in the wrong places.) Chamois cream should not be required!

It provides adequate ventilation.

You don’t want your crotch getting too sweaty and nasty. Underwear should wick sweat away and let air flow in, keeping you dry. You also want to keep your testes cool and fresh.

It’s affordable.

I want something that’s affordable, not overpriced. And I certainly don’t want to pay extra based only on the brand name. If it’s $10 or less, great! If it’s $25, OK, but it better be worth it!

It looks good… and makes me look good!

If I’m going to the effort of shaving my legs in order to look good, my underwear better be pretty, too!

The Underwear

Here is the underwear I’ve been testing out:

Champion C9 Underwear

You can find these at Target and at Champion outlet stores for very low prices – $13 or less. And they are some of the best I’ve ever worn! The ones I have are pretty thick and tight, so they’re excellent for hard workouts. They might actually be too tight for all day wear (like backpacking trips,) though.

Their sports bras get rave reviews, too!

Terramar Boxer Briefs

Terramar is my favorite brand for base layers, so it’s no surprise they also make excellent underwear! I have three styles of their boxer briefs, and each one is so nice! These are probably the best all-around underwear I have. They’re great for hiking trips, workouts, and any day you want to wear nice underwear!

I have them in black, gray, lime green, and camouflage! I often find them on sale for $12 or less at Sierra Trading Post so I stock up! (But they’re also on for a reasonable $18.)

Under Armour Boxerjock

Much like Champion C9, these are tight, supportive underwear. Ideal for high-intensity workouts and high-impact sports.

Moderately priced at $25, the price isn’t outrageous, but they are definitely one of the more expensive options. Look for a 2-pack at for $35.

Adidas Climalite

I’ve been quite happy with my running and cycling gear from Adidas, and I like their sports performance underwear, too. I have one pair of these boxer briefs which are very light and stretchy, so they’re comfortable and cool on hot days. Yet they offer just the right amount of support, too.

Priced around $12 each. Often found in 2-packs on, in a variety of colors, for around $22.

Perry Ellis

Years ago, I found the Perry Ellis Cool Comfort Performance Boxer Brief to be pretty nice. They are made of a moisture wicking, quick dry, stretch material, and they’re available in fun colors – I got red and mango. But they are not particularly supportive.

They’re certainly nice for the $6 I paid at ROSS stores, but at the $20 retail price tag, I’d pass in favor of more comfortable, more supportive options. (Though the newer Luxe Boxer Brief looks quite nice.)


Great comfort, style, and fit. Like a cross between Terramar and Adidas.

Ethika The Staple Boxer

These look very simplistic, but they are extraordinarily comfortable! The soft fabric conforms to your body.

The ones I have are actually flesh colored, so they conform to my body so well it doesn’t feel or look like I’m even wearing underwear! They also come in less revealing colors, such as black, red, and “gravity.”

Find them for around $20 on


For being relatively inexpensive in 2-packs at the department store, these boxer briefs are pretty nice. They’re soft, comfortable, and do a decent job of wicking sweat away.

They offer little support, though, so they’re best for light activity.

3-packs are available on right now for only $12.

The Rankings

Here are my favorites:

Favorite workout underwear: Champion C9

Great fit, great support, great price.

Favorite hiking underwear: Terramar

The Terramar underwear are light and airy, yet supportive. They’re great for hiking and scrambling. (While wool would be better for long backpacking trips, wool underwear are about $40 each!)

Favorite all day, everyday underwear: Terramar and Adidas Climalite (tie)

I’d buy a pair of these for each day of the week!


What’s your personal favorite?


*In case you were wondering, August 5th is National Underwear Day!

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  1. Yay for bright colors! 😀

    • @Meghan

      Totally! Color selection is important to me.

      A lot of these boxer briefs look good in black, but I like to have a variety of colors in my wardrobe. Fortunately Terramar offers black, gray, blue, green, orange, camouflage, and more!

  2. Agree on Champion C9. Good underwear needs three qualities, and this has them: One, good fit and also good support, as my urologist put it, “high and tight.” Two, a slick fabric surface that doesn’t bind and stick to clothing. Three, moisture management, material wicks water away. And it is also great that it’s in style and looks good.

  3. Which C9 is the best? The “performance stretch”? And which inseam?

  4. Check out TJ Maxx if you want to find all these brands for $5 each!! I’m now shopping there almost exclusively for my husband.

    • @Keri

      Yes! For Terramar, I’ve been sticking with STP still, but TJ Maxx and Marshall’s are excellent for underwear shopping! Probably the only stores I’ve shopped for underwear in years!

  5. There’s nothing like Terramar! Thanks for the base layer lesson years ago Levi! 😉

    I’ve been a loyal Terramar customer ever since. Both the Pro Mesh and Pro Jersey boxer briefs are wonderful. Or Ventilator Mesh or Odor Control or whatever they’re calling it these days. They’re just as comfortable as Ex Officio AND hold up better! For less money!

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