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Retailer Name: Sierra Trading Post
Website: www.SierraTradingPost.com

Continue reading for my thoughts and opinions on Sierra Trading Post, an online retailer selling outdoor gear for activities such as camping, hiking, running, cycling, and more. Their store offers many amazing deals and closeouts.

Sierra Trading Post also has a few brick-and-mortar outlet stores (Wyoming, Idaho, and Nevada,) but I have never been there, so I cannot comment on them.

Product Selection and Availability

Sierra Trading Post is a BIG store! The main menu features just six categories (Outdoor Gear, Men’s Clothing, Women’s Clothing, etc.,) but under each category is a huge list of subcategories! Just start browsing and you could stay all day!

There are quite a few brands of clothing I don’t see often outside of Sierra Trading Post, which is great. There are also some very popular brands to be found there. There’s just so much stuff.

The only problem comes from lack of availability when you’re looking for a certain size. (This issue plagues most discount stores.) There have been plenty of times where the product I wanted was only available in sizes XS or XXL, or the shoes were only in size 6 or 14.

My size is hard to come by in these types of stores, but there have also been plenty of times my clothing choices were available in S, M, and/or L. It’s definitely worth looking.

My favorite items to shop for are base layers and apparel. There are tons of undershirts for hot and cold weather, and quite a few are from Terramar, one of my favorite brands.

You never know what you’ll find at Sierra Trading Post, which makes it fun. You can go back each week and find something different. Along the same lines, if you find something you want in a normal size, you better order fast!


Sierra Trading Post is home to the best deals I’ve found on cycling and running apparel.

For example, those undershirts I just mentioned… super cheap! We’re talking $6 for regular Coolmax undershirts and $25 for super warm winter undershirts (retail values more like $20-150.)

I’ve found some great deals on helmets, shoes, socks, and bib shorts as well. My Northwave Team MTB shoes – $220 shoes for $100. My first Castelli bib shorts – $110 bibs for $40.

If you happen to be into rock climbing, you’ll find insane deals on that, too! I picked up some Five Ten shoes and Mad Rock shoes at steep discounts – over 50% off! I’ve also seen some nice ropes that can be had for just $101 if you have a coupon code!

As I alluded to, the best deals are found on items in odd sizes, but as you can see from my examples, the deals on regular sizes are still great.

Discounts & Coupon Codes

At Sierra Trading Post, all prices are already discounted. And as I mentioned already, the deals are great! I’d say the stuff I buy is usually 60% off.

Get this – Sierra Trading Post offers coupon codes! (That’s not very common at discount stores like this.) Typically you can get a “10% off your order of $75 or more” coupon. That all adds up to some of the best deals on the net.

What I’ve been seeing more frequently in 2014 and 2015 is the occasional 40% off coupon code. Yes, 40% off! And if you’re ordering over $100 worth of gear, you get free shipping! It’s incredible! The catch is that you never know when the code is coming, and it’s only valid for 3-4 days, so you have to act fast.

Hint: Sometimes I’ll mention the codes on my Facebook page. 😉

Ease of Use (Website and Shopping Cart)

SierraTradingPost.com has come a long way since I first started shopping there. Today, it is a very well organized site with many advanced functions for browsing and searching the merchandise.

You can use the site-wide search box, or you can browse by category. Within the category, you can choose subcategories or use the category search function. The coolest part, though, is to use the “Filter options” menu. This lets you filter by color, size, and brand, so you don’t have to browse through three pages of listings only to find there are no size smalls available!

The product listing pages are nice and descriptive, plus they feature customer reviews.

Adding an item to your shopping cart is easy as well, and the checkout is seamless. PayPal and Google Checkout are options (as well as the standard secure checkout.)

Overall, everything works well and the clean look and feel of the website makes shopping there a pleasant experience.

Shipping & Handling

Sierra Trading Post ships via UPS and all the fees seem reasonable. As of 11/30/09, using UPS Ground, a $20 order will ship for $5.95 and a $100.00 order will ship for $10.95. (Add an extra $10 for 2 Day Air and $20 for 1 Day Air.)

Even if the shipping is a dollar or two more than other sites, the low prices on the merchandise make Sierra Trading Post the obvious choice.

You can get free shipping.

Customer Service

Sierra Trading Post seems like a very helpful company.

There are many options to get in touch with them if necessary. They have the phone during business hours, email, and even a 24/7 live chat feature.

Even during normal shopping, you can see the effort they put into giving you an ideal experience. For example, shoe sizing:

Sierra Trading Post provides the manufacturer’s sizing chart, but they also have employees who are designated “fit models” for different types of footwear. These employees try on their proper size (and sometimes smaller and larger sizes) to see if the sizing chart is on target. If not, there are notes from Sierra Trading Post accompanying the item’s description. They also track returns to see if customers have issues with a certain sizing chart, then they can tweak or verify sizing recommendations.

I have never had to return an item, but their return policy seems very simple.

My Purchases from Sierra Trading Post

Here’s just a sampling of some of the items I’ve purchased from Sierra Trading Post over the years:

  • Columbia Sportswear Cool Creek Stretch Cargo Pants – High-tech hiking pants from Columbia that are super comfortable and retail for $60, I got for only $25.17
  • Wai Lana Yoga Mat – A basic but very nice looking yoga mat for a mere $5.97
  • Five Ten Rogue Shoe – A $95 rock climbing shoe, excellent for beginners, for $47.97
  • Mad Rock Phoenix – Another great rock climbing shoe for beginners, retailing for around $80, I got these for $33.57
  • Rottefella NNN Basic Touring Nordic Ski Bindings – Basic cross country ski bindings that retail for around $50, I paid $32.47
  • Black Diamond Equipment Cosmo LED Headlamp – A mid-level head lamp from Black Diamond, I got this for a shockingly low $15.57
  • Bending Branches Whisper Kayak Paddle – A nice, sleek kayaking paddle that sells for around $60 at REI, it was just $26.97 at Sierra Trading Post
  • Outdoor Research Durable Dry Sack – This full-featured, extremely durable dry bag was only $10.17
  • White Sierra Snowsport Bib Overalls – Just when I thought it was impossible to find snow pants for under $50, I picked these up for $20.97
  • Hurrta Winter Waterproof Dog Jacket – This past winter was extremely cold, but wearing this jacket, Max was able to enjoy walks at -2 degrees! And we bought it for the low price of $22.03 right in the middle of winter!

max hurrta winter dog jacket
Max is a fan of Sierra Trading Post!

My final verdict is…

I absolutely love the discounts! I’d say Sierra Trading Post is my favorite discount store. Heck, it’s my favorite place to shop online! I love to see what I can find there, cheap.

It’s not a place I go to if I need something specific, but if I need cycling undershirts or a sleeping bag of some sort, I’ll check Sierra Trading Post before heading to Performance Bike or REI.

Official website: www.SierraTradingPost.com

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Company: Sierra Trading Post
Product: SierraTradingPost.com
Reviewed by: Coach Levi
My Rating: 4.8 out of 5
Date last updated: 2015-03-22
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  1. When I’ve called customer service the reps answer right away. The first time it happened I was surprised because I allotted time to be waiting on hold!

  2. What’s going on with TJX and T.J. Maxx?

  3. @Steve

    It was just announced that TJX (parent company of some of my favorite stores like TJ Maxx and Marshall’s) purchased one of my other favorite stores, Sierra Trading Post, at the end of 2012. Now all my favorite places to get discounts are operating together! (Sort of.)

    Normally I’d be worried about this sort of thing, but I have high hopes that STP will only get better. From an STP customer perspective, it should be a seamless transition.

  4. I’ve been buying from them for many years, usually in person. Such great deals especially with their Deal Flyer!

    The only disappointment is when my size is out of stock during the big sales! 🙁

  5. 35% off $100 orders if you use keycode STW122414

  6. Keycode: UJC4910X
    Your DealFlyer-exclusive, an extra 35% discount and free shipping have been applied to eligible items.

    Thanks Coach!

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