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Ask Levi: What Sunglasses Keep Wind Out?

Today’s question is about finding sunglasses that keep wind out of your eyes when cycling…

Q: I have problems with my eyes when wearing cycling glasses. The wind comes over the top and stings my eyes, i wear contact lenses and find that the wind drys them. Over long distance i struggle. I have tried loads of different types and found nothing. Can you help?

Winded Willy

Hi Willy,

Sorry to hear about your problems. I wear contacts too so I am almost always wearing sunglasses. I never ride without them. Luckily, regular cycling sunglasses have been sufficient for me.

In your case, the best suggestion I can make is to look at the sunglasses that are like a combination of sunglasses and goggles. There are quite a few that look like sunglasses, but then they have a foam ring around the frame which seals out the wind. Typically these are favored by motorcyclists dealing with lots of wind and an open face helmet, but would probably work for bicycling as well.

Here are a couple examples:

There are sunglasses called Guard Dogs. Here is a neat looking pair.

There are others, such as these, available to online motorcycle retailers.

Those look like they would keep wind out without making you look too obnoxious. If those don’t help, though, the only other thing I can think of would be to go with the full-on goggles.

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