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Gatorade keeps impressing me with their latest formulas, and Gatorade AM did not disappoint. Gatorade AM is the same formula you know and love, but it now comes in “morning-friendly” flavors like Orange Strawberry and Tropical Mango. This way you get the same energy and nutrients as any other Gatorade, but it tastes more like typical breakfast drinks, such as orange juice.

gatorade am tropical mango bottle

This drink is Gatorade’s take on breakfast, and I’m pretty happy with it. The Tropical Mango tastes just like juice, being just a little bit thicker than normal Gatorade. However, it has that crisp aftertaste like Gatorade Rain. So you get the pleasant taste of juice without the thick aftertaste left in your mouth. I’ll be using it for all my morning workouts, like bonk training, from now on.

Unlike Sobe Lifewater, Gatorade AM doesn’t have that water-like aftertaste. It’s good all around. (Sobe Lifewater tastes like good juice as it goes down, then leaves a taste in your mouth like you just had water; a little odd if you ask me.)

One thing to watch out for though is that this loses that good juice flavor once it gets watered down, like when you put it in an ice-filled water bottle and head outside. It’s not good once it gets warm, either. It’s not disgusting, but it’s much better cold.

gatorade am orange strawberry bottle

The Orange Strawberry was pretty good, but I definitely prefer the Tropical Mango flavor. The saving grace is that Orange Strawberry tasted great when mixed with real orange juice. I thought that was a neat idea for breakfast, especially if you need to replenish electrolytes but still want some real fruit in there.

The only real drawback is that there are only two flavors. I’d love to see a peach flavor or even a pomegranate flavor.

Typical consumers seem to disagree though, and they actually scoff at this latest Gatorade. But they’re too consumed by Starbucks and McDonald’s to realize who this Gatorade is for: athletes. For those fatties, this is sugar water without enough caffeine. For Gatorade fans like myself, this is a very welcome addition. It’s another flavor that I can add into the rotation to ward off boredom!

Gatorade AM: Not for Couch Potatoes

Pardon my language, but I must say that some people who have reviewed Gatorade AM can’t comprehend a product label. Just about everyone hated it or at least had something bad to say.

People complained that it “needed caffeine” or “was the same old sh*t but with a different name.” The funny thing is, all the reviewers were couch potatoes! Heck, one review I found was on a video gaming blog!

See, Gatorade AM is the same formula as your typical Gatorade Thirst Quencher, but it comes in new flavors more suited to drinking before your morning workouts. It’s not supposed to be a miracle drug.

Sure, given that it is simply a “thirst quencher,” there’s no indication that it’s meant for athletes.

This Gatorade expert has it right, by the way.

My final verdict is…

Get some! Unless you don’t like juice for breakfast, you should enjoy this, especially the Tropical Mango. Try some next time you have a morning workout that requires a sports drink.

I’m a big fan of Gatorade Rain and Gatorade Fierce for their crisp tastes and smooth aftertastes, and Gatorade AM fits in nicely. It’s great to mix things up when you’re used to drinking all the current flavors.

And like I always say, what’s the harm in spending a couple bucks to try a sweet new flavor? (Unless you already despise Gatorade, as some people do…)

Official website: www.Gatorade.com

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  1. Why not stick with orange juice?

  2. Orange juice is alright, but it doesn’t have all the electrolytes that Gatorade does. It’s also a little thick to be drinking during a workout, at least in my opinion.

  3. The only thing with all those yummy electrolytes is that you probably don’t need them. Especially in the morning. Mix that with all the sugar and gatorade isn’t needed by most everyone who uses it. Unless you’re losing buckets full of sweat then water and good pre/post-workout meal is enough. Don’t believe the hype.

  4. @Sandbag

    I write my reviews from the standpoint of an elite athlete who burns more calories and sweats more before 8 am each day than most people do in a week. In that case, the calories and electrolytes are very warranted. I actually cater my reviews to endurance athletes who need even more calories and electrolytes than the target market of this product.

    If I coached people who exercised three times per week for 20 minutes each time, then yes, I would just recommend water and a healthy diet. I try to avoid sports drinks like this most of the time, but sometimes they’re necessary.

  5. i personally LOVE the tropical mango gatorade. I run every morning when i wake up. it’s just me, my i-pod, and my gatorade am. 🙂 i like the fact that it has electrolytes in it. gatorade AM tropical mango is definitely worth all the hype!

  6. @Hillary

    Great, glad you like it and have a good use for it! 🙂

  7. Tropical Mango is my favorite flavor. I thought that Gatorade AM was discontinued b/c I cannot find it anywhere! I am so happy to find out that it is not :). Where can I find it??

  8. @Christina

    Yeah, you should still be able to find it, at least at Walmart supercenters. The labels are different these days, but if you look closely at the subtitles, you can still find “AM” in tropical mango.

  9. I absolutely LOVE Gatorade AM, or the latest name Gatorade Frost Thirst Quencher Tropical Mango. I just cannot find it anywhere anymore. I am heartbroken. It is my favorite beverage. It is not too strong, like all the other Gatorades (I have a sensitive palette). I wish I knew where I could find some more.

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