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Like most companies that launched a product to compete with Propel fitness water, Sobe came out with a new line called Sobe Lifewater. Basically it’s water with some extra flavor, vitamins, and antioxidants.

sobe life water pomegranate cherry

The thing with this water is that it has the same amount of calories as Gatorade, at 50 calories per 8 oz serving. That puzzled me because Propel (Gatorade’s fitness water) has something like 20 calories per serving, helping it appeal to general dieters and fitness enthusiasts. Maybe Sobe is just targeting the people that already buy Sobe products looking for energy.

The two main ingredients are filtered water and fructose, so that’s not so bad – certainly better than high fructose corn syrup. However, the drink tastes a little too watered down.

“Watered down? But it’s water?”

Well here’s the thing. I like flavored waters because they taste like water with a little extra flavor. But this tastes like a juice or sports drink that has been watered down way too much. See the difference?

Let me put it another way: When you drink it, you get a little flavor, and then you get a water taste. It’s kind of like separate experiences instead of water with a hint of flavor. You can’t really compare it to Gatorade Rain or Propel Fitness Water either. It’s just its own weird experience.

That might not apply to all the flavors, but this Pomegranate Cherry isn’t something I plan to drink again. I was only attracted to it for the pomegranate flavor, and it turns out that the cherry taste overpowers any hint of pomegranate that might be there. (By the way, real pomegranate juice is exceptional!)

The strawberry kiwi flavor, on the other hand, was half decent. And the orange tangerine was alright. But overall, I wasn’t too impressed.

My final verdict is…

The plain water taste is too weird for me, so I don’t recommend it. I would stick with other drinks like plain water (perhaps with a slice of lemon or lime) or a sports drink like Gatorade. [Just make sure you choose ones without artificial sweeteners like sucralose, and only use it when the calories are necessary.]

But if you do have to try this, opt for the Strawberry Kiwi. It wasn’t too bad.

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Company: Sobe
Product: Sobe LifeWater
Reviewed by: Coach Levi
My Rating: 2.5 out of 5
Date last updated: 2007-12-08
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  1. I disagree. I can’t stand gatorade or any other flavored waters…but this is one that I actually like and will buy again. The flavor is mild, smooth and not too sweet! If I could just figure out where to buy it?!

  2. Gatorade can be a bit sweet, but I would choose most flavored waters over Lifewater due to that weird taste mentioned in the review.

  3. I can’t even see how life water is being compared to propel. Propel has 6 grams of sugar per bottle compared to life water’s 32.5 grams of sugar per bottle. Luckly for sobe the majority of the population doesn’t know how to read nutrition labels and thinks that since the word water is in it, it must be healthy.

  4. the person above me is extremely ignorant. “jon ruiz” or whatever. propel contains sucralose which is farrr worse than natural sugar.

  5. @Jon
    I am comparing Life Water to Propel because they can both be considered “flavored water” or “fitness water.”

    Yes, avoid sucralose if possible! (It’s probably less problematic than aspartame, but still.)

  6. I’m just miffed because Sobe changed the Life Water formula so now it tastes like all the other “fake-sweetener” garbage. The old Sobe life water was light and had just enough flavor. And best of all, it barely left an after-taste.
    Now I find myself sifting through the grocery store shelves looking for the last bottles of the old Life water formula. How embarrassing! The old formula was crisper than Vitamin Water. This new Sobe Life water tastes awful. Whats up with the saccharine taste? What a shame. I’m now forced to buying Vitamin Water and watering it down. I hope the people at Sobe go back to the old Life Water formula. Maybe I can find some on Ebay. I tell yah, if someone had a forklift pallet of the “old” pomegranate-cherry Life Water formula, I would buy it!

  7. I agree, What every they just recently did to the sobe water they need to change it back. It tastes nasty now. Yuck. It is worst than gatorade or powerade . I think I will stick with vitamin water.

  8. Propel flavored water is the nastiest water on planet earth!

  9. There are two types of sobe flavored water, the types are: zero calories and the better or other one. The lables that are a white background are the zero calorie and why pepsi thinks their new sweetener is good, who can understand? Like all artificial sweeteners they leave a nasty taste in your, mine and everyone’s mouth. So being as how you think it’s too watered down coach Levi, I think you are too watered down. The regular sweetened Sobe is almost perfect in every flavor. My only complaint is: every store I try to find it in they are out of the regulars and only have left the zero calorie junk.

  10. “Just make sure you choose ones without artificial sweeteners like sucralose”

    … and why is that? That’s a bold statement to make without providing explanation. That’s like If I said, “Remember to brush your teeth twice a day. But don’t use Colgate.” Then leaving it at that.

  11. @Dan

    Here’s one reason. Drinks containing artificial sweeteners, whether it’s aspartame, sucralose, or even high fructose corn syrup, almost always taste like crap.

  12. It’s awful, anything is better than this.

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