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swipe wipes in gym bag

Have you ever wanted to freshen up after a quick workout or bike commute?

Swipe Wipes might be right for you. These are pocket-sized, single-use deodorant wipes infused with a natural tea tree extract that supposedly eliminates body odor.

These aren’t designed to clean you up after a muddy mountain bike race. Rather, they’re something to keep in your purse, gym bag, or desk, in case you need to freshen up quickly.

I had to ask myself…

What’s so special about these wipes?

They’re certainly not very big or durable. Like I said, you’re not going to clean yourself up with one of these.

The scent? I didn’t think there was much of a scent. Neither from a deodorant perspective nor a “hey there’s lots of tea tree oil in this” perspective.

They’re biodegradable, so that’s a nice touch, but at the same time, there are parabens in the ingredients list. If I’m paying a premium for a nice body wipe, that’s the last thing I want to find!

The price isn’t terrible compared to other fancy wipes – from $2.99 for a pack of three down to 60 cents each when purchased in bulk – but that’s way higher than what I think they’re worth.

Do they compare to the other wipes?

They’re not as big and tough as Action Wipes, but they are soft.

They don’t include a dry towelette, as Paper Shower does, but that makes them smaller and considerably easier to carry.

Honestly I’d have to put these in the same category as the nicer bulk-packed baby wipes. Perhaps on the same level as Jo-Sha wipes or a Burt’s Bees branded wipe (which are 2-3x the price of the cheapest wipes, but still only 7-15 cents each.)

swipe wipes in pocket

What’s the best use for these Swipe deodorant wipes?

I can see these being used for a quick freshen up during the day. Perhaps when commuting to work or the store, when it’s a flat commute in cool weather. Or maybe you go for a walk during your lunch hour (when you don’t have time to shower.)

They’re not something I’d take out in the woods hiking or camping.

I used them when out walking on a sunny day and after doing some light automotive work and bike repair – times you sort of get warm and sticky, but not overly sweaty or dirty. They didn’t make me feel any fresher.

I think these will appeal to women a little more than men like myself who are happy to camp all week, never once wondering “do I smell alright?”

Basically it’s easier than carrying a stick of deodorant in your purse.

My final verdict is…

For situations where I was sweaty or stinky enough to need a wipe, these didn’t cut it. I think these will only appeal to the types of people who feel dirty just from being outdoors.

Official website: www.SwipeFresh.com

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