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paper shower wipes

As a mountain biker, trail runner, and lover of the great outdoors, it’s no surprise that I’m frequently dirty and in need of a shower. It’s also no surprise that showers are hard to come by when you’re out in the woods.

That’s why Paper Shower Body Wipes caught my attention.

Rather than being a regular wet wipe, this is supposed to be a shower replacement, since you get both a wet wipe (for cleaning) and a dry towelette (to dry yourself off.)

Now let me ask you something – have you ever taken a traditional “baby wipe shower” and thought to yourself, “man I wish I had a towel to dry off with!”?

Personally, I don’t feel that fresh after a baby wipe shower, but I’ve never felt the need to dry off. It’s not like you’re going to be dripping wet after using a regular wet wipe.

But I figured, hey, it can’t hurt to try. So I packed up a few of these and headed off to the week-long Trans-Sylvania Mountain Bike Epic (not realizing there would be so many showers on the premises).

I camped out for a couple days, allowing a hefty dose of sweat and dirt to build up all over my body. Then I went for a trail run on a humid evening to really get nasty before putting the Paper Shower system to the test.

Once I cooled down, I tore open the wet wipe portion. And it looked like so:

paper shower wet wipe

Then I unfolded it:

paper shower wet wipe unfolded

The wipe folds out pretty big, to at least double the regular wet wipe size (8″ x 10″ according to the official Paper Shower website). It feels nice and smells good, so I can’t complain.

It works alright, too, but I noticed a major problem – it’s just a larger version of a common wet wipe. There’s nothing special about the wipe. I tested Action Wipes before, and they are just so much better. With their soft material and fresh-but-not-soapy smell, it was a totally different experience.

Anyway, as soon as I wiped down with the Paper Shower wipe, I had to hurry up and open the dry towelette before my body air dried on its own!

This dry towel turned out to be a huge disappointment. It is exactly the same material as the wet wipe, just dry, with no added water. It feels scratchy. I tried to use it, but it would stick to my skin and bunch up. I couldn’t make it work as a towel!

paper shower wet and dry wipes

Not only did I think it was a pointless addition, it doesn’t even work very well at what it’s supposed to do!

Maybe if you’re really soaked in sweat, you could use the dry towel first to dry off, then use the wet towel to clean yourself. (Then air dry as usual.)

The only good news was that I wiped my full body with a single towelette. And I felt decently fresh after a sweaty trail run.

I tried again a couple days later, but it was the same experience.

I don’t even feel like using these. Example – I took some on our camping trip down to West Virginia over 4th of July weekend… and didn’t open a single one, instead choosing to bathe by swimming in the lake. I didn’t use them, and I couldn’t even give them away!

I’m not sold on these at all. It’s just not a whole lot better experience than the cheap wipes.

And the cheap wipes are much cheaper!

If you have room, buying a big canister of baby wipes is going to be the best value.

Sure, I need like six cheap wipes to replace one of these, but I can buy a giant roll of cheap wipes for $3-4.

If you do the math, Pampers Wipes cost $0.02 each. If you want luxury wipes, opt for Burt’s Bees Wipes at $0.06 each.

Paper Shower wipes are priced at $0.23 each, when you buy two 16-count packs of wet towelettes (via Amazon.com.)* Even if you do need six Pampers wipes, that’s only $0.12, half the price of a Paper Shower wipe.

*Isn’t it funny you can buy just the wet towelettes? It’s like even the company admits there’s no need for the dry towelette!

Action Wipes, of course, have the premium price tag. These are $0.83 each when you buy a 30-pack via ActionWipes.com. But like I mentioned, these are far superior to the ordinary wet wipe.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised – judging by their commercial, they’re no Old Spice or Dollar Shave Club.

My final verdict is…

While this is not a poor quality product, the only thing that sets it apart from other wet wipes is the included dry towelette… and I consider the dry towelette to be useless.

So, if you need individually-wrapped wet wipes, I’d just buy whatever ones are cheapest and still smell nice to you.

Official website: www.PaperShower.com

Buy online: www.Amazon.com

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