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One thing I always stock in my Jeep and my gear bags is baby wipes. If you’re a mountain bike racer, you can’t underestimate the importance of baby wipes! Even road racers and triathletes need baby wipes.

Think about it – after a nasty race, don’t you want to clean yourself up a little before the awards ceremony or drive home?

Unfortunately, your standard baby wipes are rather small, so it takes half a canister to get clean. You’re also left with a soapy feeling all over your body. They’re much better than nothing, but they still leave you yearning for a shower.

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That’s part of the reason for this new product – Action Wipes. They’re like wet wipes, but a higher-quality one made for adults, rather than baby bottoms. I got a few free samples to test out after my mountain bike races.

After my last mountain bike race in 2009, I cleaned up with an Action Wipe rather than the wet wipes. I was very impressed!

First of all, you open the packet and are greeted to a great scent of therapeutic aromatherapy oils. Then you feel the wipe itself, and you can tell it’s a serious wipe. It’s much thicker, tougher, and yet softer than a standard wet wipe.

The Action Wipe was very soothing and actually left my body feeling fresh, rather than “less dirty” like with regular wipes. If I wasn’t covered in mud, one wipe was enough for my whole body. The wipe did a great job of cleaning off dust, sweat, and salt streaks.

If you are covered in mud, I suggest spraying yourself with some water first, so you don’t waste Action Wipes. The wipe will clean off mud, but that’s a quick way to ruin a wipe. (At $1.25 each, I’d rather use the wipe on my skin, not the layer of mud on top of my skin!)

Being on the expensive side (the cheapest you can get is “25 for $25”), I tried to rinse and reuse the wipes. After each use, I’d rinse the wipe with clean water to hopefully remove some sweat and other junk. Then I’d keep it in a zip-loc bag for the next time I needed it.

This method worked pretty well. The wipe did look rather dirty from the first use, but it still had a nice feel and pleasant smell after a few uses. (Note that I used the used ones for things such as wiping dirt off my legs. I wouldn’t suggest wiping your face with a wipe that was used on your feet a few times beforehand!)

Once you’re done using the wipes on your body, you can actually wash them in the washing machine and then use them for dust cloths or something.

Action Wipes are definitely nice to have around for times when you can’t shower, even if it’s not in the race parking lot. For example, I bet these would be great for bike commuters who don’t have showers in their office building. They would also make a great gift for your bike riding buddies!

My final verdict is…

Action Wipes are a cool product that deliver on all their promises.

Realistically, I’m more likely to spend my money on things that help me win races, but if you have some spare cash, this is a very nice luxury to have after a race! I will probably keep some around for those occasions where I need to go straight from a race to someplace where I need to feel and smell extremely fresh.

In other words, I’ll keep using them, but not every day!

Official website: www.ActionWipes.com

Buy online: www.Amazon.com

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