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sigma sport pc15

When I first started training for racing, a heart rate monitor (HRM) was one of my first purchases. I used it religiously for years, but eventually started riding without it for the most part.

Last year I picked up another HRM just to have around (since my old one was broken.) I didn’t want to spend too much, so I chose the Sigma Sport PC15 for $40 at Nashbar. It was cheap since it was a 2006 model still in stock in March 2009, but it had plenty of features and worked fine.

Here’s a quick review:


I like Sigma Sport, but I’ve had a number of Sigma Sport products die untimely deaths (my PC3 HRM and BC1600 cyclocomputer, for instance.) But even with early replacement, they are still cheaper than Polar or Suuntu offerings!

My Sigma Sport PC15 has held up fine with occasional use for the past year, so durability seems good enough for me.


sigma sport pc15

The PC15 offers a lot of features. Many more than my PC3 did, and quite frankly, so many that I didn’t even use them all!

You have your current/avg/max HR, HR zones with a beep system to alert you to zone changes, stopwatch, alarm, etc. All these features seemed to work just fine.

There is also a backlight which is cool. If you run at night or venture deep into the woods, or are doing a 24 hour mountain bike race, you might need the light.

The PC15 also comes with a bike mount (i.e. you can mount it on the handlebars.)

Ease of Use

While not exactly as simple as put on the chest strap and go, like my PC3 was, the PC15 is pretty simple to figure out. Once I reviewed the buttons in the manual, I picked things up without hassle.


First, the chest strap is great. It fits snugly and comfortably.

The watch part gets left on the bike mount though. It is just not comfortable on my wrist! The wrist strap sucks, so I rarely use this when running, but everything is fine for the bike mount.

My final verdict is…

Overall I am happy with the Sigma Sport PC15. Durability seems alright, and the features are great for the price I paid. If you’re looking for a fairly simple heart rate monitor that won’t break the bank, take a look at this one.

Official website: www.SigmaSport.com

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  1. How immediately accurate is the HR reading. For example is there a substantial lag time? Is it showing my HR awhile ago rather than NOW?


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