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bc1600 computer

The first accessory that everyone wants when they start riding is a speedometer. It’s so cool to see your speed while riding. For kids it’s usually a novelty to have a speedometer like a car, but for serious riders, it can be a useful tool for measuring fitness and pacing yourself.

After going through a few crappy computers, the first computer I used that really pleased me was the Sigma Sport BC1600 Wireless CycloComputer.

This computer offered every basic function: current/average/max speed, trip distance, total odometer, clock, stopwatch, etc. Plus, it was totally wireless!

And you know how much it cost? About $26 on sale at Nashbar or Performance Bike! (About 3 years ago.) That’s a sweet deal for quality German engineering without wires.

bc1600 computer

You can see it looks normal, but instead of wires, there are wireless sensors to transmit the signal. It’s a little bulkier but it saves you about 10 minutes of setup time, and makes it easy to switch the unit between bikes.

This Sigma Sport computer was very easy to set up and configure. Then it worked great for about two years. Sometime after 2 or 2.5 years I had to replace the batteries. That’s perfectly easy to do, but being a wireless computer, it needed three new batteries!

I’m willing to spend a few bucks more to not have to deal with wires, so I see it as a worthwhile trade-off. (The battery is a CR2032, which is easy to find at most department stores.)

bc1600 computer wireless sensor

Another nice part of this computer is the magnet. The magnet is molded into the plastic piece that clips onto the spoke. That means, for all practical purposes, that the magnet is a one-piece unit. (Which means it’s unlikely to break.)

You also get a little piece of metal to help hold the magnet to the spoke. I never needed it though because the clip fit tightly onto my round spokes.

(It’s a good thing, too, because I was sick of sliding that metal piece up and down when switching wheels, so I slid it over the other side of the magnet and it got stuck for good!)

Anyway, after about two years, I totally loved this Sigma Sport BC1600… Then one day, halfway through a ride, it just quit working!

I inspected everything, and all the parts were fine. First, each sensor has a little green light built in for a battery indicator. Both light up just fine. The clock and stopwatch still work, so the actual computer piece is fine. And the spoke magnet works fine when paired with a different computer, so it’s still good.

But when it comes to speed, distance, and ride time functions, nothing works! I tried everything, from cleaning contact points and moving the sensor and magnet around, to resetting the computer and testing it indoors and out!

See, each part of the computer seems fine, but when put together, it does not work!! It’s a mystery!

I have contacted Sigma Sport before and their customer service is fast and friendly. I didn’t bother asking for a refund because I still got my money’s worth out of this, and I still use the stopwatch function on my mountain bike, but they surely would have replaced this unit.

But I just want to know why it mysteriously quit working??

My final verdict is…

Despite the setback, I’d get another one. It’s just so easy to use and it looks good. For the $26 I spent, I was very happy with the years of service I got from it.

Actually, I have already purchased another cyclocomputer from Sigma Sport! I like the Sigma Sport display screen and button setup the best, and the prices are very reasonable. So until I find something better, Sigma Sport is my personal favorite brand when it comes to cycling electronics.

(Stay tuned for a review of the BC1106 computer, which I am currently using.)

Official website: www.sigmasport.com

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