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miu color folding picnic blanket at beach

I don’t really do picnics. I’m outside a lot, but most of the time I’m eating while moving. And if I’m backpacking, I’m not going to be carrying a picnic blanket with me.

But that could change because of this MIU COLOR Foldable Picnic Blanket with Handles. It’s a moisture-proof, water-proof, and sand-proof picnic blanket that sounds ideal for someone who will picnic in any conditions!

Wondering how I ended up with a picnic blanket?

Well, it all started when I reviewed this sweet foldable backpack, also from MIU COLOR. I was thoroughly impressed with it, so they then sent me a glass water bottle that I’ve been using as often as possible. And now they have sent me this picnic blanket to review!

I myself wondered, “what am I honestly going to do with this picnic blanket?”

It turns out, all sorts of stuff!

Going on picnics.

It’s a picnic blanket, so it can obviously be used as a picnic blanket in the grass or on the beach, or going to an outdoor concert, etc.

Since it’s water-proof, you can spread it out on wet grass and you’ll stay perfectly dry. It could also be used for a table cloth if placed over a dirty picnic table.

Sun bathing.

Even with an extra large beach towel, sun bathing isn’t particularly comfortable. My feet are usually in the grass or sand and bugs are jumping all over me.

But with a picnic blanket, I can stretch out into any position, and move around all I want, and I get my own little area free of sand, grass, and bugs. It’s perfect. I don’t think I could ever go back to just using a beach towel.

Post-race lounge area.

It’s also a great mat to put down before lounging post-race.

You know the drill – the race is over, you’re waiting for awards, you’re too tired to sit up straight, and you don’t have trees to hang your hammock. This would be good padding.

Something to stand on when you need to change clothes.

You can use it before the race, too, when you’re changing clothes in the parking lot. If you put this down, you have plenty of room to stand and change without getting your feet (or socks) dirty. And it offers a little padding in case you’re in a gravel lot.

It will ease your mind and allow you to focus on your pre-race warm up.

Want to stretch out or do some yoga? This is a decent exercise mat!

Of course, none of that stuff is required to be an endurance athlete. For example, an old rug or towel would be good enough for standing on in the parking lot, and that’s going to cost less than $30.

Is this Miu Color picnic blanket worth the money? Here’s what I think…

My experiences with the Miu Color picnic blanket.

The experience started when I found the box on my doorstep – it was much bigger and heavier than expected!

Normally Amazon.com boxes this size have one small item and then lots of packing pillows… not this one!

miu color folding picnic blanket in box

Once open, I could see the blanket filled the entire box! Picking it up, I was shocked at how heavy it was.

It’s three pounds, which doesn’t sound like much when it comes to weight lifting, but it’s pretty hefty when you’re talking about a blanket!

miu color folding picnic blanket

It opens up to 4′ 9″ x 6′ 7″, which is long enough for most people to fully stretch out. There’s more than enough room for two people to have a picnic.

It comes in three colors, but I like orange blue plaid the best since it gives off that traditional picnic blanket vibe.

Despite the look, it’s not soft and cozy like a flannel blanket. You can tell it’s a waterproof type of fabric. It’s not uncomfortable though. It’s fine for picnics or even sun bathing, it’s just not something you want to curl up with beside the fire.

It’s sort of rigid so it maintains its shape. That’s a good thing! You can roll around on it or do whatever, and it stays flat. The edges don’t roll up or anything like that.

When the day is through, just fold it back up and Velcro the flap shut.

miu color folding picnic blanket

The way it folds up is awesome! It’s easy to fold (you can kind of see the creases,) and then it Velcros shut. And then you just grab the carry handle. It requires much less thought than rolling up a sleeping pad or sleeping bag.

It folds up to roughly a 12″ square, but it must be nearly 4″ thick. It’s the size of a picnic basket!

It’s definitely not something to carry along on a hiking trip, but if you’re just going to the beach or doing some car camping, it’s fine.

It’s ideal when the grass is wet, like on a damp morning or evening. The bottom is waterproof, so the wetness won’t soak through. And it’s pretty good for the beach since you can shake it and the dry sand will fall off. It can also be hosed off easily.

If it gets really dirty, just wash it like you would your bicycle.

It’s so waterproof that you could probably use it as a makeshift umbrella. Perhaps you’re having a picnic and an afternoon thunderstorm rolls in so quickly you’re stranded with nothing but this blanket. Well, turn it upside down and get underneath it! If it’s just a mild shower, you’ll probably stay dry.

On the flip side, let’s say you’re sunbathing on top of this. If you’re out long enough in hot enough sun, you might stand up and realize there’s a puddle of sweat! So if you’re sun bathing, you should still have a beach towel on top of this! (Sort of like you’re doing hot yoga.)

I didn’t encounter any real problems with this blanket.

One thing I was worried about is the little Velcro strip on top, where the handle attaches when it’s folded (if you look closely, you’ll see the little beige strip in the pictures.) I haven’t found that to be a problem though. Typically I lie to either side of it, or if it’s a picnic, just put some food or plates over top of that area.

My final verdict is…

I never really needed a picnic blanket – I could get by with an old beach towel or rug in situations where I’d use this. But if you want something nice and can justify the price tag, or you actually need a picnic blanket, this one is good quality, convenient, versatile, and better than I expected!

Official website: www.MiuColor.com

Buy online: www.Amazon.com

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