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eno doublenest hammock set up beside creek

Growing up, I thought hammocks were fun to climb on, but I never found them particularly comfortable or enticing.

Turns out, I got the wrong idea about what a hammock should be! One of my friends got an ENO DoubleNest Hammock and it totally opened my eyes!

If you’re not familiar with this hammock, it’s a compact, lightweight hammock you can carry with you virtually anywhere, even on a backpacking trip. It sets up in seconds and it’s amazingly comfortable.

It’s NOT one of those big, heavy hammocks you permanently mount on your porch.

The first time I saw it in action I knew I had to have a hammock! Probably an ENO hammock. (It was a situation where I was 95% set on my choice before I did any comparison shopping!)

As you can probably tell, I bought myself an ENO DoubleNest. But let’s back up for a second…

Who needs a hammock?

Before I found ENO hammocks, I never considered myself one who needed a hammock. But now I know better!

Anyone who goes camping needs a hammock. It’s the most comfortable way to lounge around! It’s way more comfortable than a camp chair, and you don’t need flat ground to set it up. (Of course, you do need two trees or similar objects.)

eno doublenest hammock on hill side

That’s a fairly steep hill, yet I was able to easily create a level sleeping spot with this hammock!

It would be ideal for mountain bike stage races like the TransSylvania Epic. After you finish a day of racing, you can set up your hammock anywhere – right at the finish line, just outside the dining hall, wherever the party happens to be, or deep in the woods for some quiet time.

It’s even better for backpackers. If you’re out hiking, and want to relax for a while and enjoy the view, you’re not going to set up camp, and you’re not going to be that comfortable sitting on a rock. So you bust out the hammock that easily fit in/on your pack!

Rock climbers especially love these things. If you’re not climbing or belaying, why not relax in a hammock?

Really, if you do anything outdoors where you’re not constantly moving, it’s nice to have a hammock!

You just have to get the right hammock.

There are different types of hammocks depending on your needs. Some are super fancy like elevated tents. Others are super lightweight for backpacking trips.

I just needed something simple and didn’t want to spend tons of money. The ENO was a perfect match!

All I had to do was choose the size…

Is the SingleNest or DoubleNest Right for You?

There are two sizes for this hammock. There’s the SingleNest designed for one person and the DoubleNest designed to fit two people.

But there’s no hard and set rule. If you’re not that big, two people can relax together in a SingleNest. I also heard a lot of people say they prefer sleeping in the roomier DoubleNest.

I really thought about it a lot, but then I started looking at the specs.

Actual size:

Both hammocks are 118″ long. The SingleNest is 55″ wide, and the DoubleNest is 80″ wide.

So, you do get quite a bit of extra width on the double.

Packed size and weight:

The single packs down to 3.5 x 4.5″ and the double packs down to 4 x 5″. Nearly identical.

The weights are 1 lb 2 oz and 1 lb 6 oz, so there’s only a 4oz weight penalty for the extra material.

eno doublenest hammock with atlas straps

Color options:

Pretty much any color you want, you can get it! Whether you want bright, shiny colors that stand out, or earth tones that blend in with your surroundings, ENO has it!

For some reason, the different models have different color combos.

I like the khaki with olive accents, but the DoubleNest was only available as olive with khaki accents. That was just a minor issue though, and each does come in so many different colors.


There’s only a $10 difference – $59.95 vs $69.95.

For me:

I figured the extra versatility of the DoubleNest was worth an extra $10 and very minor weight penalty. That’s what I bought, and what this review will focus on, but most points apply equally to the SingleNest model.

Pricing It Out

It looks like a great price at first. $70. That’s not so bad.

But that’s just the hammock.

Want to hang it up and actually use it? You’d have to find old rope and string it up yourself.

You’ll need straps

Your best bet is to buy real hammock straps. (Yeah, I tried to build my own, and it wasn’t worth it.)

You can buy the ENO Atlas Straps for $30.

ENO also offers simpler straps for $20 and $25, but the Atlas straps had the best reviews, so I spent the extra $10. It was worth it!!

The Atlas straps are made of a sturdier material and offer many more adjustments and hanging configurations.

eno atlas strap carabiner

And they include those spiffy carabiners seen above.

My cousin has their lower-priced ENO Slap Straps, and honestly, those aren’t even worth buying.

I say, either rig up your own nylon rope or webbing, or buy the Atlas straps.

(You could make your own straps with a couple carabiners and lengths of nylon webbing, but I couldn’t find a good source of webbing that was going to be noticeably cheaper than the Atlas straps.)

All in all, it will cost $100 for the base setup.

You might want a rain fly.

If you only plan to hammock on nice, sunny days, this is nothing to worry about. But if you want to sleep in your hammock instead of a tent, you might need the rain fly.

This is where it gets really expensive. The ENO HouseFly Rain Tarp is $139.95. Yep, it costs double what the hammock does!

That puts your total spend at $240. Yikes! There are some pretty nice tents for that price!

And I think the full ENO OneLink package, or something like the Warbonnet Blackbird, designed for hammock camping, comes in at just over $200.

So, the ENO DoubleNest is pretty good for relaxing, but for serious camping, there may be better options!

Real Life Testing

In the beginning, I just used this for casual relaxing. In good weather, it was so nice to spend a day in a hammock reading a book or just watching the water roll by.

But I also used it for extended stays! It was my only shelter during a summer camping trip at the New River Gorge in West Virginia, and I practically lived in the thing for the entire 2014 TSEPic mountain bike stage race!

Setting it up

How long did it take me to get set up the very first time? Almost no time at all!

The set up process was all common sense. If you’re familiar with rope, webbing, knots, tents, or anything like that, this is going to be a piece of cake.

I really liked that there are a few different ways to use the Atlas straps to achieve not only the perfect distance between trees, but also the perfect amount of slack.

Want some stretch so the hammock sinks down when you get in? Loop the straps into one, like this:

eno atlas strap looped on tree

That method also allows you to make the straps as long as possible, handy when trees are spaced far apart.

Want it super firm so it doesn’t budge? Keep the straps doubled like this:

eno atlas strap firm set up

Note that you’ll need small trees, or trees very close together, to be able to double strap it like that.

Taking it down is simple, too. It’s really not that hard to get the whole thing rolled up and stuffed back into the attached pocket. And it’s much, much quicker than doing a tent!

Carrying it around

It’s so small and light, I never had any trouble.

You can see it packs down to be much smaller than a hydration pack.

eno rolled up inside integrated carry bag

What’s super cool is how I can fit both the hammock and the straps into the carrying pocket!

For short trips with a small pack, I could hook it on the outside if I felt like taking it along. On longer trips, I could always make room in/on my 75 liter backpack!


In a word, incredible! The experience of sleeping in a hammock is nothing like being on the ground in a tent!

The thing is better than my bed at home!! (I would seriously consider hanging one indoors! It’s probably perfect for a small loft apartment!)

My first night ever in a hammock, I slept like a baby. I would lie back, go to sleep around 11:30, and wouldn’t move or wake up until dawn! It made me never want to sleep in a tent again!

The hammock totally conforms to your body.

Using a sleeping pad makes it less comfortable since it doesn’t conform as well, but it’s not bad. (Sometimes you need the pad for warmth.)

If you need to move around at night, it’s not going to be ideal. But otherwise, it’s super comfy.

The trick to a good night’s sleep in a hammock is to lie on a slight diagonal (i.e. off the center line). That makes it feel more stable.

eno doublenest hammock pocket

Ideal weather conditions and temperatures

If you’re going to be camping in a hammock, you will need to pay more attention to the temperature than you would in a tent.

For me, I found the ideal nighttime temps to be in the 60’s. Then all you need is a light sleeping shirt and long underwear, and your 30 degree sleeping bag.

Need a matching sleeping bag? I’m a fan of the REI Polar Pod for a nice bag at a good price.

I got a little chilly when the temps dropped into the low 50’s and upper 40’s. That’s when you might want to use a sleeping pad and some warmer base layers, and definitely some wool socks! Especially if there is any wind.

What about rain?

If you get the DoubleNest like I did, there’s going to be enough extra material that you can actually cocoon yourself inside the hammock!

All you have to do is put a heavier object into the attached pocket, and then throw that over the top opening of the hammock. It will pull the extra material over top of you, sealing out light wind and rain!

It can get a bit stuffy since you’re decreasing the air flow, but it’s a small price to pay to stay warm.

eno doublenest hammock under pavilion

What about a real downpour?

Well, it’s best to have a tent or real enclosure in that case.

But if you’re at a campground, there’s an ingenious solution – hang the hammock under a pavilion! Just find a pavilion with trees nearby. String the hammock between two trees so that the center of the hammock (where you will be sleeping) is underneath the roof.

Want to deter bugs?

I was extremely surprised at how few bugs attacked me at night, despite not having a real bug shield around the hammock.

But to be extra safe, without spending much money, grab a spray bottle of Permethrin.

Coat the outside of the hammock in that, let it dry, and you get about 6 weeks of bug repellent action!

My final verdict is…

I debated this purchase for about 3 years, and I’m sure glad I finally buckled down and bought one! It’s excellent for relaxing, but even better for summer camping. It’s a rare situation where the lightest setup is also the most comfortable!

These ENO hammocks are great for any outdoorsman (or woman), and they make great gifts.

Official website: www.EaglesNestOutfittersInc.com

Buy online: www.REI.com

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    Mr: How so?
    Mrs: They’re now hanging them close to the ground, with kind of a tough wrapper on them, but soft and chewy inside…
    Mrs: They’re also fun to play with for a while before eating, I just sort of bat it back and forth, just like a piñata, and sometimes something jumps out and goes running and screaming thru the woods until I catch it… loads of fun!

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