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gatorade tiger

Despite going in the wrong direction with the low-calorie G2, Gatorade is back on track with their latest addition, Gatorade Tiger.

At first I thought this new formula would make me as strong and fast as a tiger, but it’s actually named after Tiger Woods. Becoming a top pro golfer doesn’t sound bad though, so I decided to test this out…

The big change with Gatorade Tiger is that it contains 25% more electrolytes than normal. I’m all for an increase in electrolytes, but what does that have to do with golf? Do golfers even break a sweat? 😉

A better question though, is “does the minuscule electrolyte addition make any difference?”

The sodium content in Tiger is 135 mg (vs. 110 mg in Gatorade) and the potassium is 40 mg (vs. 30 mg in Gatorade.) So that 25% increase translates to 25mg more sodium and 10mg more potassium per serving. That small increase, the slightly new flavors, and a picture of Tiger Woods is all we get with Gatorade Tiger. It’s not revolutionary, but it’s worth a shot.

Gatorade Tiger Taste Test

gatorade tiger red drive

The Gatorade Tiger flavors consist of Quiet Storm (grape), Red Drive (cherry), and Cool Fusion (lime). While those flavors seem typical, they are slightly new and different variations on the tried and true flavors. Continue reading for the full details…

Red Drive: First of all, Red Drive smelled good and then tasted even better. It is actually a cherry/citrus blend, and it’s probably the best blended flavor I’ve ever tasted! It’s much better than the Gatorade X-factor series of blended flavors.

If I can remember correctly from my childhood, Red Drive tastes a lot like Hawaiian Punch! It’s not quite what I expected from Gatorade, but it’s good! It’s nice and sweet, you don’t notice the extra salt, and it has a clean aftertaste, too.

gatorade tiger quiet storm

Quiet Storm: This seems to be a grape/citrus blend, although grape is definitely the dominant flavor. It reminds me (yes, another childhood memory) of when I would mix orange and grape Kool-Aid powders together to make an awesome flavor!

As with Red Drive, the good taste and clean aftertaste make this Gatorade’s best grape flavor. It’s a bit lighter than the regular Grape, so if you crave super strong, sweet grape flavor, stick with plain ol’ grape. But I’m certainly a fan of this.

gatorade tiger cool fusion

Cool Fusion: This is a lime flavor, but it’s unlike other Gatorade lime flavors because it is key lime. It’s kind of different and a little sour, but I think I’ll still drink it occasionally. It doesn’t taste much like a key lime pie, but it does taste a lot like the key lime pie flavored yogurt.

I found this to be best for during or after a workout when your senses are heightened, because then you really get to taste the flavor. While I still prefer the lime version of Gatorade Rain, this is worth trying, especially if you want to try new flavors.

Overall I was most impressed by the cherry/citrus blend used in Red Drive, so I’ll be drinking that quite a bit this summer. Even more impressive, though, I think they figured out that the clean aftertaste of Gatorade Rain was a great idea and are applying it to all these new formulas too. At least I hope that clean aftertaste will continue to spread through the Gatorade lineup!

My final verdict is…

It’s still Gatorade, but it’s a little better than the rest of them.

I like the flavors, especially Red Drive, and of course I love the clean aftertaste. I’ll be adding this into my “favorite Gatorade flavors” rotation for sure. If you are anxious to try new flavors, these are good ones!

(But I still hope Gatorade can come up with some more flavors that are actually new. I mean, how many “grape” variations can they have?)

I’ll even replace the current flavors with their Tiger counterparts, i.e. instead of drinking Fruit Punch, I’ll take Red Drive. Instead of Grape, I’ll take Quiet Storm. The new flavor and texture is worth it! And cyclists could use more electrolytes, so that makes it even better!

Official website: www.Gatorade.com

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  1. the red drive cherry blend is the best tasting gatorade ever. now if it would only help me make another hole in 1.

  2. nice review keep them coming with pictures

  3. too much sugar ’nuff said

  4. I completely disagree with this article, as I have had all flavors and the Green is by far the best of the bunch (And out of any Gatorade drink). It’s not going for the Key-Lime taste you have described, but rather something new, different, and really refreshing. I do not find the taste of the drink sour at all, and the red drink is bitter by comparison.

  5. Gatorade’s other lime flavors are all lemon-lime, that’s the real difference because this one is just lime

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