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gatorade g2

First, there was Gatorade. It contained sugar. But then there were dieters, and sucralose and aspartame took over. Then Propel was born.

Now… there’s Gatorade G2? Really, what’s up with that?

It turns out that G2 is virtually the same thing as regular Gatorade, except it has 50% fewer calories. That’s because it has 7 grams of carbs instead of 14, and they threw in some sucralose to make up for the lost sweetness. Otherwise, it’s exactly the same formula.

So what does it taste like? Watered-down Gatorade, of course.

It’s available in three flavors: Watered-down Orange, Watered-down Grape, and Watered-down Fruit Punch.

That’s a pretty dumb idea if you ask me. The dieters will stick with Propel because it’s much lower in calories than G2, and athletes will probably realize that G2 is just the same thing as regular Gatorade but more likely to cause brain cancer, so they’ll realize “why buy a watered down, artificial version for the same price?”

The thing is, that’s the best case scenario. Things could be worse – G2 could tarnish the Gatorade name, considering it makes no sense and it tastes like crap.

My final verdict is…

I don’t see a single reason to buy this. I make even take Propel over G2, but I’d recommend plain water or green tea over either one.

Personally, I drink regular Gatorade (or a comparable sports drink,) or water. There is no need for an “in between” drink such as G2, especially if it contains artificial sweeteners.

To sum up Gatorade G2 in one word: Terrible.

Official Website: www.Gatorade.com

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Date last updated: 2008-04-16
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  1. Actually, from what I can tell all the normal gatorade now has sucralose syrup as well. I’m allergic to fruit & sucralose, so am having trouble finding something high in potassium to drink.

  2. Normal Gatorade does contain “sucrose syrup” which is a real sugar, but does not contain “sucralose” which is a chemical sweetener.

    As for your allergy, that’s tough, because most drinks will have either fruit juice or a sugar in them. However, a serving of Gatorade only has 30mg of potassium, so you’re not really missing much there…

    For example, a cup of carrot juice, tomato juice, or a sweet potato will have well over 500mg of potassium!

  3. For a product that you feel is stupid is very popular at workout places. If you think about it people who are into fitness aren’t necessarily into the best tasting things but consume it for it’s health benefits. Same electrolytes half the calories decent taste.

  4. @wayne

    I don’t consider artificial chemicals that could cause brain cancer to be “health benefits.” If you like artificial sweeteners, that’s fine, but I don’t.

    Plus, people at gyms/fitness centers do lots of things that I don’t agree with! 😉

  5. Best low cal drink I’ve ever had. I hate the after taste of diet type drinks but whatever they use in this works for me. Hoping they’ll come out with a mix or powder to make yourself at home as too expensive to buy individually all the time.

  6. This stuff is awesome–I love the taste of “Orange.” I don’t think the sucralose is going to kill me.

  7. I was tempted to purchase G2 because it was supposedly low in calories @ 25 calories per 8oz serving. The thing that tricks you is that one packet is good for 2 servings. Who is going to be able to measure out 1/2 packet? Instead, you will get a 50 calorie beverage, which I don’t consider low calorie enough. Crystal Light has a 5 calorie per serving “Hydration” drink mix that tastes great and is truly low calorie, plus provides electrolytes like G2. The only drawback with the Crystal Light (at least the berry flavor) is that the powder is pink and turns the water red, so if you spill it on yourself while on a walk or the treadmill, you’ll stain your clothes.

  8. Thank you for this! I was looking to drink this to consume less sugar but I can’twith the artificial sweeteners. Still in search for a great tasting electrolyte drink with little sugar. I might just do what you said and drink liquified tomatoes and liquified sweet potatoes ??

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