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frs health chews

It wasn’t long ago when I first reviewed the FRS Antioxidant Health Chews. I tested out the lemon lime flavor, which is pretty commonplace in the sports drink world. If there’s only one flavor of anything, it’s going to be lemon lime.

That’s fine with me, but when something new and exotic comes along, I can’t resist trying it. That just so happened right here – FRS launched a new pomegranate blueberry flavor of their energy chews.

For anyone who missed my first review, let me summarize right here… The FRS chews are kind of like an alternative to an energy gel, much like the Clif Shot Bloks or Sharkies chews (instead of the typical GU gel or Clif Shots.) But in this case, they contain the FRS formula which includes potent antioxidants and green tea extract, adding some health benefits and increased energy levels.

There are two problems, though. The first is that each chew contains just 20 calories (while a GU contains 100,) so they’re not a great choice for replenishing calories.

The second problem is actually the reason for the first problem – the chews contain sucralose. (Sucralose is an artificial sweetener, not a natural sugar, so it’s not a good idea to put that in your body.)

It’s funny because the chews’ first ingredients are still sugar and corn syrup. Not the healthiest combo, but par for the course when it comes to energy gel. So with all that sugar, why does FRS screw things up and add sucralose?

frs pomegranate blueberry chews

I guess some people would rather pump their bodies full of synthetic chemicals than consume extra calories from natural sugar. But, despite my disdain for sucralose, I couldn’t pass up a new Pomegranate Blueberry flavor! So I bought a bag and wanted to share my thoughts…

The first thing I noticed is that this bag is much cooler looking than the lemon-lime bag (which was white and had odd, scientific designs on it.) Upon opening the bag, I was greeted with a good smell, much more pleasant and realistic than the smells of some sports drinks.

The taste was pretty good, too. It’s way better than the lemon lime. While the lemon lime wasn’t bad, it had that familiar “artificially flavored sports drink lemon lime” flavor. The pomegranate blueberry does have a slight hint of odd flavor, but for the most part, it actually tastes like pomegranate.

Also, these chews were easier to unwrap. With my bag of lemon-lime chews, the chews had begun to melt and seep out the wrappers, making them sticky and hard to open. (They must have been in a hot warehouse or shipping truck.)

These new ones were fresh, though. It’s still slightly harder to unwrap one of these than it is to bite the tip off an energy gel, but it’s not too hard anymore – just bite the corner of the wrapper and unroll partway with your hand; then grab the exposed wrapper with your hand and pull the chew out using your teeth.

frs pomegranate blueberry chews

My final verdict is…

Unfortunately, the FRS health chews are the least healthy of the FRS line (they contain sugar and corn syrup, plus sucralose, so you get the worst of both worlds.) Because of the crap ingredients, I can’t recommend these.

But they are interesting to eat, and the pomegranate blueberry flavor is easily the best choice when it comes to taste. I’ll be sticking with the FRS concentrate (plus energy gels from other brands, such as GU,) but if you like the FRS chews and don’t mind the sucralose, try the pomegranate blueberry ones.

Official website: www.FRS.com

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