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frs energy chews

Along with energy drinks in cans and in powdered form, one of the latest trends is doing energy chews. Clif Bar introduced the Clif Shot Bloks, Jelly Belly entered the market with Sport Beans, and there are also things called Sharkies energy chews.

Not to be outdone, FRS (which also does cans and powders) created their own version of energy chews. The FRS antioxidant health chews take the tried and true FRS energy drink formula and condense it into these bite-size chews, perfect for “on the go” workouts such as cycling.

A bag contains 30 individually-wrapped chews, so you just stick a couple in your jersey pocket and you’re good to go!

FRS Healthy Antioxidant Formula

frs energy chews

I discussed the FRS ingredients quite a bit in the FRS liquid concentrate review, so read that if you want to learn more. But here’s a quick recap…

The real secret behind FRS is not giving you more energy, but by fighting off everything that saps your energy, and their strategy works perfectly.

It’s all about the flavonoid antioxidants (especially quercetin and catechins) that are found in FRS (in large portions.) A serving of energy chews gives you the same amount of antioxidants as 2 servings of blueberries, 6 servings of red onions, or 7 servings of raspberries!

Not to mention how these contain 100% or greater daily values of Vitamins C, E, B6, B12, Thiamin, and Riboflavin! That allows your body to fight off toxins easily so you can save your energy for more important things.

Energy Chews Taste and Texture

frs energy chew unwrapped

These “antioxidant health chews” are neat little things. They look just like a little Starburst candy, and they are even individually wrapped so you can carry as many (or as few) as you like.

As for the taste, they do taste great! It’s not exactly like candy, but it’s really close, and it’s far better than the taste of most energy bars.

These also require less chewing than energy bars, which is great – there’s no reason to put extra stress your jaw muscles when your quads and hamstrings are on fire!

The FRS chew consistency is a lot like the Airheads candy bars. If you haven’t had Airheads, it’s hard to explain, but it’s a very close match. (Somewhat like Starbursts, but not quite.)

I got the lemon-lime flavor and it was good, just like their lemon-lime drinks. I would go with lemon-lime over the other option, which is orange.

Energy Chews = Energy Boost

These definitely gave me energy during my tests. My first test was having a powdered drink mix (before) and three of these chews during a 2.5 hour kayak trip and I felt great (before, during, and after!)

Afterwards I started using these on bike rides in place of energy gel. These provide that quick pick me up boost that I usually get from GU gel, but I think the FRS energy boost lasts longer.

The first ingredients are sugar and corn syrup, so that’s probably where the quick pick me up feeling comes from. I’m happy with the sugar, because if I’m exercising, I probably need the calories and carbs. The rest of the ingredients are good except for sucralose, an artificial sweetener. I’m not sure why that’s necessary when real sugar is the first ingredient.

Having only 20 calories in each chew (40 calories per serving,) these aren’t to be used as your only fuel on long rides, but they give you enough energy that you’ll feel good the whole time.

Energy Chew Drawbacks

The problem with these chews is that they do get a bit sticky in your pocket (especially if it’s a warm day) so they become harder to unwrap (just like how warm candy sticks to its wrapper.)

It’s not actually hard to unwrap these, but if you were riding your bike, you’d need two hands to unwrap one of these. I would recommend unwrapping these only on a smooth road with no traffic. Definitely don’t try it while mountain biking!

In cold weather these would probably be better. In the summer, try to refrigerate these before your ride. (That also helps with Powerbars on warm days.)

If these were more like gummy bears, you could put them straight into your jersey pocket without the wrappers. But as they are, they would stick to your jersey just like getting gum in your hair.

frs energy chew unwrapped

My final verdict is…

If it wasn’t for the sucralose, these would get a pretty good recommendation. They’re good enough that I’ll keep using them despite the use of artificial sweetener, though. (At least until my bag runs out.)

If you need an energy boost rather than just calories from an energy gel, these could be for you! While I don’t like sucralose, I can’t argue with the results – these taste good and just plain work!

I suggest using them during exercise, especially if you also use an FRS energy drink before the workout.

Official website: www.FRS.com

Product Review Details
Company: FRS
Product: FRS Antioxidant Health Chews
Reviewed by: Coach Levi
My Rating: 3.5 out of 5
Date last updated: 2008-05-01
Obtained Product: Purchased at retailer.
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  1. I normally use the concentrate FRS or the Ready to Drink but I love the chews for when I’m feeling a little tired in the late afternoon or evening. Enough energy to keep me going but not so much it keeps me awake all night.

  2. @Jean

    Good point. It’s easier to eat one of these later in the day than it is to drink a portion of a can and save the rest for later.

  3. Corn syrup is another crappy thing in this product. They should use acai syrup or brown rice syrup

    And of course we will get energy from these chews and drinks when sugar and corn syrup are the main ingredients…..AND…who’s to really tell is they REALLY contain those anti-oxidents….

  4. You forgot to mention the wonderful diarrhea side effect these blobs of goo produce. And, speaking of blobs of goo, they don’t look anything like starburst candy in color, texture or taste.

  5. @Sally

    Yes, these contain sugar and corn syrup, as do almost all other products in this category. I see this as an alternative for energy gel, which is basically 99% sugar anyway, so I don’t see a problem.

    Obviously I wouldn’t make them a big part of my diet though!


    That’s unfortunate you got diarrhea from these. Although I can’t guess what the root cause would be, as the chews don’t seem to have anything too unusual in them (maybe the sucralose?)

    But did you read the review? I said they look like Starbursts (due to the size and shape) but taste like Airheads. 😉

  6. Hi Levi,

    After about a week on FRS, and noticing that I was having this gastrointenstinal problem (and, not to be graphic, but it was the same color as the FRS as though it went from one end to the other without digesting), I did a bit of research. Quercetin and catechins have actually been shown to cause diarrhea in clinical tests. Particularly in higher doses. So maybe it just affects me more than others because of my small size?? However, there are others in my cycling group that have reported the same effects, so I do know that it is not just me.

    I’m not knocking the product, by any means, and I still take it from time to time, but not 3 times a day which is recommended. I now only take it before work outs, and it does not seems to affect me so adversely with the limited intake. And, to be fair, I prefer the chew and the mango prepared cans the best, because they are quick. I did not care much for the concentrate at all.

  7. @Trish

    Thanks for the info. Interesting stuff!

    Since just one serving has such a high dose of Quercetin and catechins, three servings could be causing a problem. (2-3 servings daily is probably a waste of money, too.)

    I have done three servings in one day (while weighing 165 lb) without a problem, although one serving per day is all I need!

  8. A colleague gave me a chew to sample. Initially, had a very nice taste, good texture. However, within 5 minutes, I was having a strong allergic reaction (tingling glands in area beneath the ears and felt a little nauseous). I am allergic to synthetic sweetner and thought perhaps this is the reason I will not be able to use this product.

  9. @M August

    Sorry to hear about that. I would try the “all natural” versions of FRS instead. I’m not allergic to artificial sweeteners but I avoid them anyway (most of the time.)

    Luckily for you, the FRS in cans and liquid concentrate contain all natural ingredients and sweeteners, and I think they taste and work better than the chews 😀

  10. Sucralose is highly destructive to your body. Proven fact. I wouldn’t touch those stupid chew things for any reason. Anyone able to tell me if the liquid drink by this company has any sucralose or aspartame or saccharin or sorbitol or phenylalanine or other known poisons that the FDA allows?

  11. @Kain

    I also prefer products without sucralose, but made an exception so I could test these out.

    The “all natural” FRS drinks (in ready to drink cans and liquid concentrate forms) DO NOT contain any artificial sweeteners. You’re safe with those, just don’t get the “low calorie” varieties which are the ones that contain sucralose.

  12. I took these chews and had boils on my face which kept on coming in 1s and 2s. As soon as I stopped, I never had a problem with boils. One thing, I have learnt is not to try new products which has been thoroughly tested.

  13. I started using the free trial 1 week ago and incidently started taking 2 prescriptions for sciatica/arthritis.

    I have been talking with my doctor about the horrific and almost debilitating diarrhea that I thought developed as a result of the medications even though it was not a listed side effect. Now that I’ve been without medication for 2 days I still have the same diarrhea and decided to read up on FHS. I now know that the cause is the FHS because I’ve been absolutely miserable all morning after ingesting one serving of FHS this morning.

    I obviously will not be using this product anymore; besides, it really didn’t offer any noticeable benefit.

  14. All, don’t get caught up in the flashy marketing. I caved in and gave the FRS trial an honest shot. I even continued buying their chews after the trial hoping that I would eventually feel something. I wanted to believe that all the scientific literature and boatload of antioxidents would actually help me feel differently.

    Unfortunately, FRS is just another energy drink/powder/candy chew with expensive ingredients and a flashy, yellow wristband-wearing sponsor.

    While the chews tasted pretty good, I quickly found myself paying a huge monthly premium to enjoy these chewy “candies” laced with Quercetin antioxidents. All of which did not even make me feel more alert, no matter how badly I wanted to feel it!

    Again, I experienced no mental or physical enhancements from anything that FRS sells, and I have no negative feelings towards the company, either. It just doesn’t work for me or for my friends who tried some of my trial product (we are in our 30s and lead moderately active lifestyles).

    On a humorous note, I think I made the right decision by canceling my membership with FRS–the FRS agent yawned through the account cancellation process. How ironic!

    I have since tried different 5-hour energy products that gave unbelievable results compared to FRS. Please take my advice and avoid FRS so you don’t have to experience disappointment and waste your time sending back unused product to FRS (as part of their trial terms).

  15. I have been using FRS lemon lime chews for about 6 months now , and swear by them , I have genorously given them out to my friends to try .
    They help me curve my appetite , and the energy is appreciated .
    I have been in a rut for a long time and have now lost weight and am more energetic since using these FRS chews . So hats off to a wonderful product .


  17. Wow! Thank You people! I was about to sign up for the free trial. I was excited about the chews… easy, nothing to mix & Lord only knows how BAD I need the energy. But after reading the comments, I have decided not to get the free trial. I don’t want diarreah, I don’t want to waste my money, I don’t want to have to send products back, I don’t want to try something that tastes bad or might make me vomit & I don’t want to take something with sugar in it. I can do that here ay home, pour some sugar in a blender & put in some berries to get the same mixture of sugar & antioxidants.

    It’s just not worth it & I think a lot of people feel like I do. There are too many products out there, ALL claiming to have the best benefits, all claiming to have clinical trials that prove they work…. it’s just more mumbo jumbo marketing geared to seperate us from our money & pay for it monthly by automatically sending us the product & billing our credit cards every month.

    All products have celebrities that endorse them. I don’t get excited anymore when I see a famous person endorsing something nowadays b/c I know that he/she is getting PAID a lot of $ to endorse the product! Why else would a famous person waste their valuable time? Time is money to them, and you better believe they get paid. But not from my bank account…. b/c I don’t buy into all these miracle products anymore. I did once with Juice Plus & that was a waste of time & money.

    If you really want energy, if you really want the health benefits & free radical fighting antioxidants, just add blueberries to your cereal every morning. Eat grapes with your lunch or as a mid-day snack. That’s all you have to do. 😉

    Make sense?

    Anyway… Thanks for reading & posting my comments. I’m Char in South Florida, a 37 yr old, SWF. Bye!

  18. Hello,

    My husband just purchased a introductory FRS kit. My main concern is the ‘chews’…#1 ingredient is Sugar followed by Corn Syrup… While these ‘chews’ claim to be full of vitamins they are also full of calories and sugar.

    IMO, these are not much better than gummy bear vitamins…

    OH! And don’t forget to floss your teeth double time after the chews.

  19. This is utter crap: bad candy with quercetin added, .The only reason you’d need the quercetin is to offset the effects of the horrible candy. Criminal. Wanna sell candy? Then SELL CANDY! Don’t try to kill me and tell me it’s good for me. Jerks.

  20. I have tried both and have had good results, However, after 4 days of using the liquid product once a day, I was awaken by a cough, I had to go spit out a regurgitation and it was the same color as the FRS drink. It was not comfortable. It was not a large amount of FRS, but enough to wake me up. This is the 1st time this has happend.

  21. Let me say this I am 53 years old and this the best thing my energy has come back I take one in the AM/PM and that is all that it takes and they work I stay alert and I do not get tiered any more like I use to I do have High Blood pressure and these do not affect me in a bad way . Great Product !!

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