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change maker by john berardi

Change Maker: Turn Your Passion For Health and Fitness Into a Powerful Purpose and a Wildly Successful Career

That’s the title of a brand new book from the creator of Precision Nutrition, Dr. John Berardi.

In the new book, Dr. Berardi will help you make sense of the chaos and lay out a clear roadmap for turning your passion for health and fitness into work you find joy in, your clients into raving fans, and your career into something powerful and change making.

Change Maker will be officially released on November 5th, 2019. You can pre-order on Amazon.com today and the book will arrive at your house on the release date.

I know that a lot of fitness enthusiasts ponder the idea of a career change into this meaningful field. If that’s something you’re considering, this is going to be a very helpful book for you!

Change Maker is your ULTIMATE health and fitness career guide.

In it, you’ll learn how to:

  • Turn your passion into a rewarding, life-changing career
  • Make enough money to be financially secure (and then some)
  • Create a flexible schedule, so you can work when you want
  • Find personal and professional balance (and avoid burn-out)
  • Get phenomenal results with your clients—now and forever

Cant wait until November?

Point your browser to ChangeMakerAcademy.com and you can download a free sample chapter.

What’s the Change Maker Academy?

It looks to be a career-focused educational organization for health and fitness professionals. The site is full of free resources, courses where you can earn CEUs; and I see there’s a big summit coming in 2020.

Looks like a perfect complement to the Precision Nutrition certification program!

[Curious about the Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification? Here’s my experience.]

There’s gold just in the free sample chapter.

Your download will include the foreword, table of contents, and chapter 1.

And these two short paragraphs from the foreword reveal what it’s all about:

If we’re going to solve the problems of obesity, lifestyle disease, and overwhelming health-care costs for future generations, we need to think prevention. And movement, nutrition, sleep, and stress management are the best preventatives we have.

However, as I’ve said before: your ability to write a quality program is less important than your ability to get someone to do the program. In this area, JB’s a master. And in this book, he shares an exciting frontier in coaching, one centered in behavioral psychology and rooted in longterm sustainable change, not yo-yo dieting or fitness fads.

[Side note: Those words are from Jonathan Goodman, author of Ignite the Fire, another excellent book for fitness professionals.]

If this book provides a quick way to learn more about behavioral change and change psychology, you can’t miss it. Because those were the lessons that really made the Pn1 certification so fantastic!

I could write about the importance of movement, nutrition, sleep, and stress management till my hands cramp up. But if you read my articles without taking action, was my coaching useful at all?

Caution: information overload!

Change Maker dives into some of the problems of the health & wellness industry.

You probably won’t be surprised when JB writes about “one of the biggest problems I see in the health and fitness industry: Too much information, too little context.”

As I stated in my article “The Best Kept Secret in Nutrition,” there’s a ton of information out there. The secret is to figure out how to put it into practice.

This book is about putting that information and knowledge into practice (and I think that will apply just as well to self-coached athletes as to the health professionals this book is written for).

Why Precision Nutrition offers coaching services.

I credit Precision Nutrition with helping me formalize my nutrition plans that fueled my mountain bike races, so it’s really interesting to read about the company from JB’s perspective. He writes about his entire career path, but what really stood out was this realization he made early on in the Precision Nutrition days:

“We were beginning to realize that people who want change in their lives don’t benefit from big chunks of information dumped into their laps at once.”

Granted, I’m a huge fan of the books in question here. But I was super motivated. I was a self-coached athlete dreaming of mountain biking in the Olympics.

As cyclists, some of us are probably exceptions to the rule. I mean, we’re certainly ahead of the curve here when it comes to those key lifestyle components mentioned earlier: sleep, stress, nutrition, and movement.

But most other people (or even myself now, in my 30’s with many other responsibilities besides bike racing) have more success with gradual changes and a coach to guide them.

What I’m getting at is that this book would be great for personal trainers, health coaches, nutrition coaches, and even licensed professionals such as Registered Dietitians (RDs and RDNs).

If your profession involves helping other people, this book will probably help you.

change maker book cover

My final verdict is…

I pre-ordered this book as soon as I found out about it. If your career (or side gig) is health & fitness related – personal training, nutrition coaching, lifestyle coaching, teaching yoga, etc. – I would advise you to pre-order the book for yourself. At $20, it’s a no-brainer considering the breadth and depth of career advice you can get from JB.

Official website: www.ChangeMakerAcademy.com

Buy online: www.Amazon.com

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