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gostak from blender bottle

What you see to your left is called a BlenderBottle GoStak. Now, if you’re already familiar with the BlenderBottle (and more specifically, the BlenderBall inside,) this is going to seem like a totally different type of product offering.

It’s a system of interlocking jars designed to carry protein powders, vitamins, and snacks on the go. So, no blending is involved, but it is a perfect complement to the BlenderBottle SportMixer.

Two reasons. First, you can carry pre-measured ingredients that are then combined inside a BlenderBottle when it’s time to mix up your drink. Second, the GoStak fits neatly inside an empty blender bottle for compact transport and storage.

Both have carry loops, so either can be attached to a backpack with a carabiner (as pictured in my BlenderBottle SportMixer review). Or carry it with just one finger. Your choice.

In the past, I was never really into this type of stuff. I just used little baggies or some Zip-loc containers. But after getting a JerseyBin, it opened my eyes. You can get reusable containers that are much more durable than little baggies. They’re not that expensive, and they’re better for the environment since there’s less waste.

Look at this comparison. You can see how the GoStak is neat and tidy!

gostak vs ziploc bags

And in the case of powders, gels, or liquids you might want to carry, the GoStak won’t blow out and spill.

In my photo, from top to bottom, it’s filled with:

  • Greens Plus powder
  • TrueNutrition whey protein powder
  • Trail mix
  • Dried fruit

So I’m all set with veggies, protein, and some high-carb snacks to fuel my adventures.

What all could you carry in it?

This article on the BlenderBottle blog will give you even more ideas on what you can carry. If you’re an endurance athlete, here are some of my ideas on what you could take with you:

  • protein powder
  • flax meal, oat flour, etc.
  • drink mixes like Hammer Perpetuem
  • Greens Plus
  • multivitamins, fish oil, and other pills
  • mixed nuts and trail mix
  • candy like gum drops
  • dog treats

Dog treats?

gostak length of max

If you have a dog that’s going trail running or mountain biking with you, definitely carry some dog treats – preferably in one of the larger size bottle segments. If your dog is the size of Max (where the GoStak is literally the size of his body,) you could get away with using the smallest size segment!

Who is the GoStak ideal for?

It’s totally awesome for high-school and college students who go from class to practice or from class to work to the gym. It will keep everything organized, and it will hold up to abuse, day after day. Just refill it each morning.

And for cyclists, it’s specifically nice for big endurance events. I’m talking MTB stage racing and 24-hour solo races. You want to have everything partitioned out and ready to go in advance. You don’t want to be fumbling with scoops and big containers, spilling stuff (and getting dirt in the main container,) and trying to figure out what is where, when you need to focus on the race at hand.

And it would make a great gift for these people! 😉

gostak on picnic table

My final verdict is…

They call it “a revolutionary advancement in portable nutrition.” While I’d agree the Blender Ball deserves that level of praise, I’m just going to say that the GoStak is pretty neat. It’s definitely made well and does what they claim, but if you’re not sure what you’d use it for, don’t buy it.

On the other hand, if you are in a situation where you need to carry specific, pre-measured ingredients, the GoStak is a very handy little accessory!

Official website: www.BlenderBottle.com

Buy online: www.Amazon.com

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  1. Have you reviewed the ProStak yet?

  2. @Sue

    Nope, I haven’t seen one in real life yet! But that looks like the ideal solution if you’re using the GoStak just to carry pre- or post-workout powders to mix into your drink.

  3. These are ALL the rage right now and for good reason. I’m a sucker for organizational stuff and this totally fit me and my needs!

  4. This little bottle seems great for hiking. keeping different types of snacks on an outside compartment would be awesome because they would all be accessible without having to stop and rustle the bag looking for that specific snack i’m craving.

  5. Love the little bottle, great for hiking

  6. oh my goodness this product is so cool this would work great for me and my toddler I can have my snack and he can have his.

  7. This is a great looking bottle. I would love to be able to use this.

  8. This looks pretty nifty and useful

  9. Everyone has a time in there life where they can’t bring there supplements because they don’t have anything to bring it in. With a GoStak you’re able to fit all the supplements you need to go on with your day. A great usage for anyone.

  10. Wow, this looks so useful.

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