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jersey bin

I’ve been dealing with a little problem ever since I started road cycling. Chances are, you’ve been dealing with it, too. It was a nuisance, but not annoying enough that I thought too much about it…

I’m talking about carrying stuff in your jersey pockets. You can stick your cell phone in there, but then it gets soaked in sweat. Toss some energy bars in, but then your pockets sag down. Put your used gel packets back in, but then you get a sticky residue in the pocket.

What do you do? Use the JerseyBin. The JerseyBin is like a heavy-duty zip-loc bag that’s made specifically for organizing stuff in cycling jersey pockets. It’s very simple, but it has become indispensable for me.

One thing I should mention is there are two different kinds of JerseyBin – the standard one and a limited edition. The only real difference is the limited edition is clear rather than cloudy. (I think the cloudy ones look better.)

jersey bin styles

Cool things about the JerseyBin:

  • Keeps your cell phone clean and dry.
  • Keeps everything held firmly in place, so your pockets don’t sag.
  • Makes a great ‘bin’ for storing trash like used gel packets.
  • Is shaped just like a typical jersey pocket.

I tested out both varieties of JerseyBin, in both sizes, and here are my thoughts:

I like the JerseyBin for my cell phone because it is waterproof. (Really that’s my #1 favorite thing and reason to buy these JerseyBins.)

phone in jersey bin

So if I sweat like crazy or ride in the rain, my phone won’t get ruined. I don’t plan to take my phone underwater inside a JerseyBin, but I have had the bin completely coated in sweat with my phone still dry.

This also means the JerseyBin would be great for carrying maps, cue sheets, or any other pieces of paper. The limited edition JerseyBin is great for this since it is perfectly clear, but if you can’t get your hands on one, that’s ok – it’s still possible to see through the cloudy version.

I tried using my Blackberry Tour without removing it from the bin, and it was somewhat possible. I could read the screen and keys perfectly, and I could hit the “receive call” button if someone was calling me. Unfortunately, I couldn’t do anything else since that required using the track ball (which was immobilized by the plastic).

However, if you have a touchscreen phone like the Blackberry Storm or Apple iPhone, you can probably use it just fine inside the bin.

Along with my phone, I can carry a variety of objects safely and securely. See, I’m always wary of sticking little objects in my jersey pocket because they could fly out while riding. But with the JerseyBin, anything can be zip-loc’d inside it. And the JerseyBin fits the pocket nicely so it doesn’t seem like it would go flying out.

The JerseyBin also makes a great organizer, so stuff doesn’t bunch up and make your jersey sag. When you stick things in the bin, they are held up in place like on a shelf. So everything stays flat against your back while riding.

tools in jersey bin

Sagging jersey pockets are ugly, and they make the ride uncomfortable because it pulls your jersey back. The bin makes the load feel lighter as well, so all in all, it leads to greater comfort.

Just as bad as sagging jersey pockets are sticky jersey pockets. That’s what happens when you put energy bar wrapper and used gel packets straight into your pocket. It’s nasty. But if you put your trash in a JerseyBin, your jersey stays clean! (The JerseyBin is easy to clean out if it gets sticky.)

If you’re a mountain biker and happen to drop stuff in the mud on occasion, you’re in luck:

jersey bin

There’s the bin in the mud. But just look inside once removed from the puddle:

jersey bin

Everything is clean and dry!

I’d say that the JerseyBin is really cool and great for just about every endurance-minded or recreational cyclist. But I wouldn’t use it during a race. During a race, I don’t carry a whole lot, and I don’t care about getting dirty.

During a race, I do care about time. And using the JerseyBin would require extra time without my hands on the handlebar.

My final verdict is…

The JerseyBin is a very cool idea which works as promised. Plus, it’s inexpensive (like $7.50 for two, and they’ll last for years.) I recommend them to everyone.

And if you carry a cell phone while riding, I highly recommend at least getting one JerseyBin to use to carry your phone. It’s well worth the cost for phone protection.

Official website: www.JerseyBin.com

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