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14 day rapid fat loss ebook cover

The 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan. Well, the title pretty much sums it up, right?

I’ll admit that the sales copy was enticing, even to me, who has seen just about every diet book ever sold. (Not really though – there are so many diet books out there, I couldn’t manage to look at them all in a lifetime.)

Regardless, I always like to lose fat, and I like to do it as rapidly as possible! I had to get my hands on a copy to review.

And I did.

So, what are we getting ourselves into?

“First of all, this two week plan is an AGGRESSIVE burst of RAPID fat loss using a strategic combination of nutrition and exercise.”

Sounds intense! Fortunately, I was under no illusion that this would be easy!

The nutrition part presents a concept called Macro-Patterning™ Nutrition. Once you get past the fancy name, you’ll realize that this is essentially carbohydrate cycling, which is one of the best techniques for losing fat (or building muscle and losing fat at the same time).

I’ve used the strategy before and can confirm it works. It’s an advanced technique though, and you need to adhere to the guidelines vehemently, or you’re just wasting your time.

The nice thing, especially for endurance athletes, is that you can still fit in some high-carb foods like white rice!

The exercise part includes Metabolic Bursting, Interval Sequencing, and High Intensity Resistance Training. That’s three types of workouts. How are you going to fit it all in? Simple – skip rest days!

Yep, you’re going to workout every single day for 14 days straight!

Normally you would only follow such a plan during a bodybuilding program. But in this case, you’re not shooting for muscle gain. You’re exercising to prevent muscle loss.

The Author Better Know His Stuff!

If you’re going to follow a routine that will likely be miserable and could be setting you up for muscle loss, you want to make sure you can trust the person who put it together.

In this case, that person is Shaun Hadsall, and he’s been teaching fat loss for 15 years now.

I suggest perusing some of his writing on the Get Lean in 12 blog to see if it resonates with you.

For me, I enjoyed the blog!

What About The Book Itself?

There were actually quite a few ebooks in the download package, including the main program, a fast start guide, some meal plans, and a dessert cookbook.

I was mainly concerned with the 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan main program. But since the main book is 122 pages, I figured I’d check out the fast start guide first… which itself turned out to be 68 pages long!!

So it will take 14 days to read and figure out the program, then 14 days for fat loss! Ha!

The good news is, the book is well-organized and takes you through each section in a logical sequence.

I also agree with the presented nutrition guidelines: protein at every meal, avoid processed foods, no alcohol, etc..

The bad news is, it was a struggle to get through the book.

For one thing, the writing style just doesn’t draw me in like other authors manage to do. And the fast start guide is written like a technical user manual, like an engineer wrote it! I would expect the average fitness enthusiast to have a little trouble following along.

And what bothered me personally was that the exercise part seems to include quite a bit of hype. For example:

“But for the first two weeks, you’ll also be using my Ultimate Stubborn Fat Sequence. This is the most aggressive interval and cardio combination I’ve personally ever used or come across and it’s specifically designed to ‘target’ lower abdominal and belly fat so you can rapidly burn it off.”

First, targeting not just belly fat, but specifically the lower abdominal fat, sounds like complete hyperbole.

Second, the workout programming is commonplace for endurance athletes. You’re likely already doing these sprints and interval workouts as part of any typical training week.

So, I can’t say I’m overly impressed with the book.

But the most important question still remains…

Do I think it will work?

Based on the concepts, yes, I do think it will produce results. It’s essentially a variation of carb cycling, which is what I base my own nutrition plan on, so in that respect, it’s nothing new for me.

Also, with the workouts, I’m familiar with those strategies. The mix of cardio and resistance should be solid. It’s going to be tough for 14 days straight, but if you can do it, yeah, it’s a sound workout plan.

The key word there being “if”…

Do I think it would be feasible to follow along?

This is the real question!

Could an average person handle it?

Well, the diet certainly isn’t terrible, especially since it’s only 14 days. And since you alternate strict days with the not-so-strict days, it’s not a huge test of your will-power.

That said, the hard days are really hard. You have you limit carbs even more than recommended in The Primal Blueprint, and that was a terrible experience for me!

Overall, as long as you have a good dose of will-power, motivation, and self-control, I think you can do it.

Is it too extreme?

Well, you’re looking at 14 days in a row with fairly intense exercise. For an endurance athlete who already has a solid aerobic base where they’re used to exercising 4-7 days per week, it shouldn’t be a problem. But if you’re not already in decent shape, you’re going to get so sore after the first couple days that it will be tough to press on.

Couple that workout schedule with diminished recovery ability due to the lack of carbs and calories, and a lot of people will quit.

I wouldn’t recommend this for average not-quite-fit people. For you, stick with the basic habits of Precision Nutrition (or even enroll in Lean Eating if you want extra coaching) and you’ll be fine.

For endurance athletes, though, it will be doable. Yes, cutting carbs will be shocking, but you’ll be used to facing difficult challenges, so you can pull through.

Are there any alternative options?

Considering that I’m a freaking coach and it took me a while to figure out how to set up my workouts, I’m inclined to seek out alternative programs. The 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan is good, but it’s a lot of info and a lot of confusion.

The first thing that popped into my head was the Get Shredded Diet…

14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan (14DRFLP) vs Get Shredded Diet (GSD)

Both of these are extreme diets which require corresponding exercise plans, where the goal is rapid fat loss while preserving existing muscle.

There are a few big differences, though. The GSD ebook is one single ebook – 17 pages total – with a much simpler diet to follow.

There’s nothing easy about doing it, it’s just easier to read and figure out in one sitting.

In practice, I’d say the Get Shredded Diet is actually more extreme. For example, you’re only allowed one “refeed day” every 14 days. In the 14DRFLP, you get a “free day” every 7 days.

But GSD is intended for athletes with low bodyfat (around 10-12% for guys) already who want to get super lean. Think of it as, rapid fat loss for people who have already lost a ton of fat. Naturally, you have to step things up a notch at that point.

Also, a big component of the GSD is about the supplements you take. Since you’re not getting much food, you need to supplement. It’s not going to be cheap.

However, the GSD ebook is given away for free!

You can thank Dr. John Berardi, creator of Precision Nutrition, for that!

My final verdict is…

Having used essentially the same strategies in the past, I’m reasonably sure you could see anywhere from decent to very good results if you follow this plan perfectly for 14 days.

Problem is, it took me a considerable amount of time to read the book and figure out how to follow the plan! And I’m an endurance sports nutrition coach! So, if your goal is fat loss, I’d consider finding an easier-to-follow book based on the idea of “carb cycling.”

Official website: www.14DayRapidFatLossPlan.com

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  1. Thank you for this thorough and honest review. You saved me fourteen dollars since I am not fit, and not highly disciplined. It is refreshing to know, though, that it isn’t a scam. Wish I COULD do it. Thanks again.

    • Nice review. Thanks for sharing this detailed information. It was helpful in making a decision to try this out. I’ve been reading a lot about the program and was hoping to learn more before having to decide. I must say your review is one of the most helpful in this process. I appreciate you taking the time to post this.

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